Training a Newly Remote Workforce

Donnetta Horseman, Moffitt’s chief compliance officer, is a regular contributor to Compliance Today magazine. Below is an excerpt from her September 2020 column. Click here to read the full article

Donetta HorsemanIn the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have dramatically increased their remote workforce almost overnight. In addition to traditional compliance training topics, we find ourselves having to consider new compliance risks that in the past may not have been top of mind.

Face-to-face training has traditionally been thought of as the most effective way to train employees. We are now faced with finding new ways to accomplish the same goal. Organizations that are continuing to hire are challenged to onboard new employees in a virtual environment. Here are some ideas that might help with the transition.

Get creative. Opt for short, interactive modules that combine video, sound and animation. Avoid “death by PowerPoint.” You can always deliver the training live using teleconferencing along with polling or surveys to help make it more interactive.

Take advantage of free content. Many law firms, consulting firms, and content developers are offering free training content during the pandemic. Consider expanding your compliance offerings to include broader topics, such as leadership development training or effective time management when working remotely.

Keep it short and simple. Consider creating short modules that focus on one topic versus one long module that covers multiple areas.

Monitor completion and test learning. Give employees credit for courses they take. Include some form of knowledge check, but don’t be afraid to use nontraditional methods such as puzzles, scenarios or case studies.