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Clinical Trial 14690

Cancer Type: Cancer Control
Study Type: Other

Phase: N/A
Principal Investigator: Siegel, Erin

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Study Title

Total Cancer Care Protocol: A Lifetime Partnership with Patients Who Have or May be at Risk of Having Cancer


The purpose of this study: Sometimes cancer patients can feel as if they have been singled out by this disease. Yet, in the State of Florida alone, nearly 100,000 cases of cancer are found every year. Cancer is a tough disease to treat because few cancers look alike. If we study the medical histories, clinical records, blood, and tissues from thousands of patients, we might find better ways to treat cancer. We think there is a lot of information stored in your blood and in your tumor that can be studied to change the way we treat cancer in the future.


The overall objective of this study is to ultimately develop an improved standard of cancer care throughout the State of Florida and beyond by facilitating new clinical trials, new technology, new informatics solutions and "personalized medicine" to the Moffitt Cancer Center and to its Affiliate Network and Consortium of community hospital systems. It is estimated that only one in ten patients will enter a clinical trial primarily because they do not want to leave their community for extended periods of time. Total Cancer Care (TCC) will bring new translational research to the community.




Inclusion Criteria

  • 18 years of age and older
  • Diagnosed with cancer, or at risk for cancer
  • Able to understand and sign the Total Cancer Care Protocol (TCCP) Informed Consent and Research Authorization form directly or through an authorized representative. The Informed Consent and Research Authorization will be available in both English and Spanish languages.

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