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Bladder Cancer Risk Factors

Bladder cancer risk factors are specific traits – either genetic or acquired – that can make one person more likely to develop the condition than another person. That’s not to say that these traits are an absolute predictor of whether or not an individual will develop bladder cancer during his or her lifetime, but they are a useful way to identify people who should be especially vigilant about their health.

What risk factors are related to bladder cancer?

Traits that are associated with bladder cancer include:

  • Smoking – People who use tobacco products are at least three times as likely to develop bladder cancer as people who do not.
  • Occupational or environmental exposures – People who have a prolonged history of high-dose exposure to certain potent chemicals (e.g., benzidine), or substances like rubber, hairdressing supplies, or certain dyes and textiles, have a higher risk of developing bladder cancer.
  • Being a male over the age of 55 – Older men make up the majority of people with bladder cancer.
  • Having a history of chronic bladder irritation – People who have experienced multiple urinary infections, kidney and bladder stones or prior urothelial cancers are at a higher risk for bladder cancer.
  • Having certain genetic factors or inherited birth defects – People who are born with specific cellular mutations, genetic syndromes or bladder defects may be more likely to develop bladder cancer.

Moffitt Cancer Center’s Genitourinary Oncology Program is dedicated to researching the risk factors for bladder cancer and other urinary tract malignancies, as well as the most effective types of treatment. We offer some of the latest early detection technologies, as well as individualized treatment plans that are designed to minimize side effects and create better outcomes for all of our patients. Our oncologists can help you assess your own personal risk level, and no referral is required to meet with our team.

To learn more about the known bladder cancer risk factors, contact Moffitt Cancer Center. Call 1-888-663-3488, or use our convenient online new patient registration form to schedule a visit.


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