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Olga's Story

Hello, my name is Olga Iris Ayala. I came from Puerto Rico in February of 2015 to be with my son who is a renal patient. I went to see my primary Doctor who referred me to Dr. Narvaez for follow up about stomach bacteria when she heard me coughing. She asked if I had treatment for the cough, which I have had for over eight years. I told her yes, they had performed studies and gave me medicine and nothing worked.

She referred me to Dr. Bassetti. He received my medical records from Puerto Rico. In the records showed that I had Cancer but the doctor, in Puerto Rico never said anything to me. It was a horrible surprise for me. Thank God that he referred me to Moffitt Cancer Center where Dr. Robinson became my doctor.

Since the beginning, Dr. Robinson expressed concern for my condition and explained in detail what was found in the studies and scans performed here in the states. He explained that I did have a very slow non-aggressive cancer in my left lung and that the bigger piece was close to the bronchi, which were probably the main cause for my cough. He then explained in detail what he was going to do and what was going to happen during and after surgery.

My surgery was January 25th, 2016. Dr. Robinson performed my surgery and thanks to God I do not have cancer on that side anymore, this is and was a miracle. Thank God and thank Dr. Robinson for being with me during this hard and difficult process.

Thank you Dr. Robinson, I never had a doctor so humble and caring towards me. He visited me two or three times a day after surgery and would ask me how I was doing and if I was in pain, or needed anything.

I felt loved by everyone in the hospital that were with me at all times. Thanks everyone and Dr. Robinson.



Olga I. Ayala Reyes