Terms and Benefits

The PGY-2 Oncology Residency Program begins approximately the second week in July, dependent upon the selected residents’ schedules. Each resident must provide a minimum of 2,080 hours of service during the 12 months as determined by the Residency Advisory Board. For this commitment, the resident will receive a competitive stipend, health care and other insurance benefits according to HLMCC Employee Policy for full-time employees, and 27 personal days which may be used by the resident for holidays, vacation, interviews, conferences, and short-term illness.

The resident will receive reimbursement for moving expenses and expenses incurred for attendance at two conferences (ASHP, HOPA). Additional benefits include unlimited use of the University of South Florida medical library. The resident will fulfill a pharmacy staffing requirement by providing central pharmacy support every third weekend (day shift) and one Minor Holiday. 

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