At Moffitt Cancer Center, an X-ray may be performed to help diagnose or stage a cancerous growth, or to determine how well a tumor is responding to treatment. These fast, painless imaging scans use electromagnetic radiation to produce a two-dimensional image of the inside of the body, which a patient’s oncologist can use to identify or track an unusual growth. Although cancer cannot be diagnosed through an X-ray alone, an X-ray’s results can indicate whether additional testing (e.g., a biopsy) may be necessary.

Typically, oncologists may order an X-ray if:

  • They need to check for a fluid build-up in the chest cavity or abdominal cavity, a complication that can be a symptom of certain cancers
  • They believe cancer may be present in a particular region of the body, such as the chest or pelvis
  • They have already found a tumor in a specific organ, but believe it might have metastasized to the bones or the brain
  • They need to see if a tumor has gotten smaller (or larger) during treatment
  • They believe that interventional radiology (a specialty that uses X-rays and other imaging techniques to guide minimally invasive therapies) is the best form of treatment

At Moffitt, our X-rays are performed on-site, and the results are analyzed by a team of experienced, board-certified radiologists. If a patient’s X-ray suggests that cancer might be present or that an established tumor is not responding to therapy, a multispecialty tumor board will help determine the best course of action.

To learn more about the X-ray technology offered at Moffitt Cancer Center, call 1-888-663-3488 or request an appointment online. No referral is necessary to seek treatment at Moffitt.