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Paul's Story

November 02, 2015


Paul Lombardi serves as the Patient Advocate for the new Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center. Paul is involved in all facets of building planning, from layout and design to patient flow.

Paul sat down to answer some questions about his involvement:

What has been the best part of being involved in this project?

"This is really a two part question - as I got so much personally out of my involvement, likely much more than I contributed. Personally, at the time, I needed this project. At the time I was a little over a year out from a bone marrow transplant and I did not know what to do with myself - my whole life had changed and I needed something to get involved in, but the activities I liked doing I was not allowed to do because I was still recovering. In regard to the project specifically, as a patient and family advocate, I was able to steer design, layout, and facility equipment selection with a patient and family orientation. My favorite part of the project was the McKinley Patient and Family Center, which incorporates the patient library and Arts in Medicine—which we located front and center in the facility and gave it the space and layout it needs."

What do you hope we accomplish with this new facility?

"As a patient, I hope the additional space and especially additional the blood draw/lab, imaging, infusion, and procedure capabilities will help de-congest the crowded facilities and wait times at Moffitt. Everything has been designed with patients and families in mind. Moffitt staff that has been involved in this project as well and the architects and contractors have been fantastic to work with; they all believe in and care deeply about the Moffitt mission."

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