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Moffitt Nurse Learns Mother Always Knows Best

May 08, 2017


Joan Cunningham always wanted to be a nurse. Her mother loved her job as a nurse and she can’t remember ever wanting to pursue any other career. Joan, who has worked at Moffitt for nearly a decade, has spent the past five years encouraging her daughter to also become a registered nurse and apply for a position at the cancer center.

The mom and daughter previously worked at another company together and Joan saw firsthand what an asset her daughter Megan was to the organization.

However, Megan had a degree in criminal justice not nursing so it meant going back to school to become an RN. And that’s just what she did. In turn, Megan accepted a position at Moffitt this past spring.

Megan says her mother is always right and she wished she had gone down this path years ago when her mother started pushing her toward a nursing career.

Although they both work at Moffitt, the mother and daughter rarely cross paths because Joan works night shift in the ICU and Megan works the day shift for the PICC team, but they both enjoy hearing colleagues praise each other’s work.

Megan says she couldn’t ask for a better mentor than her mother.

“She inspires people to be selfless. She consistently puts the needs of others before her own,” says Megan.

“She has been the best role model that a person can ask for, and I strive daily to be more like her. My grandmother and mother are nurses who have made significant impact in the lives of their patients and families. Nursing was an easy path to take with big shoes to fill and I am honored to have this opportunity here at Moffitt.”