Taking Care of Your Health

It’s National Women’s Checkup Day – Develop Simple Habits to Improve Your Health

May 05, 2017


On National Women’s Checkup Day, women of all ages are encouraged to schedule their wellness visits and otherwise take control of their health. The fact is, with the never-ending demands of family life and work responsibilities, many women find that the task of looking after themselves consistently falls near the bottom of their ever-growing to-do lists. This has to stop.

The goals of National Women’s Checkup Day are for every woman to take simple actions to prioritize her own well-being, and to reward and celebrate herself for making her health a priority. With just a slight shift in thinking, a woman can begin to see that when she prioritizes her own health, she can become much more productive and be truly present in her various roles. That’s because if she feels good physically, mentally and emotionally, she will be able to contribute more to all that she does – for both herself and others.

Here are a few examples of basic preventive measures and positive behaviors that can be easily incorporated into a woman’s everyday life:

  • Perform a monthly breast self-exam for lumps, discharge, skin changes and other irregularities
  • Perform a monthly skin check for new or changing moles, spots, marks and other abnormalities
  • See a dentist every six months for an oral health checkup and professional teeth cleaning
  • Have an annual physical exam, including a height and weight check, blood pressure screening, clinical breast exam and any recommended blood tests
  • Have a routine pelvic exam performed annually to check the uterus and ovaries for fibroids, cysts and swelling
  • Have a screening mammogram to check for breast cancer at a frequency recommended by a physician
  • Have a Pap smear to check for cervical cancer at a frequency recommended by a physician
  • Have an eye exam at least once every two years (or more often as recommended for those who wear corrective lenses)
  • Have a skin cancer check performed by a dermatologist at least once every two years

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we firmly believe that good self-care is the single most important aspect of a woman’s health and well-being, and we stand ready to help. To learn about the cancer screenings and other services available at Moffitt, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. No referrals are required.

Infographic: Health Checklist for Women