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February 4 Is World Cancer Day – You Can Make a Difference in the Global Fight Against Cancer

January 30, 2018


World Cancer Day is an international event that takes place every year on Feb. 4. Sponsored by the Geneva-based Union for International Cancer Control, this worldwide initiative is designed to save lives by raising public awareness and reducing global disparities in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. This mission is critical because, according to recent research studies, low- and middle-income countries are projected to see a significant increase in cancer deaths in the coming years.

The role of lifestyle in cancer risk

Cancer has no boundaries, and some cancerous conditions are known to be hereditary. On the other hand, some types of cancer can be prevented with simple behavioral changes. Nevertheless, many people around the world continue to face major risk factors, such as smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The first step in effective cancer prevention is educating the public about the significant links between lifestyle and cancer risk. Armed with this knowledge, people will be more empowered to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

Early cancer detection saves lives

Diagnosing cancer is not always straightforward. That’s because not all cancers produce symptoms in their early stages. However, increased public awareness about the common warning signs of cancer and the importance of timely treatment can directly lead to better outcomes and quality of life. One reason is that early detection often makes it easier to treat – and sometimes even cure – cancer.

Moffitt Cancer Center is proud to lend its voice to World Cancer Day in an effort to spread the word and inspire action against cancer. We firmly believe that by joining together in this fight, we can increase the impact of our individual efforts to reduce the global burden of cancer.

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