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February 14 Is National Donor Day – Why Not Share the Love?

February 14, 2018


On Valentine's Day, there is no better way to open your heart and share your love than by celebrating National Donor Day. Scheduled for February 14 of each year, this observance has two important goals. The first is to raise awareness about the "five points of life," which are blood, marrow, platelet, tissue and organ donations. The second is to honor and recognize every donor who has made a selfless and potentially life-saving gift.

National Donor Day highlights the amazing power of the human spirit. Just think about the many people who donate of themselves, oftentimes helping or saving the lives of others whom they’ve never even met. In essence, this observance celebrates everything that is good about mankind.

If you’d like to get in on the celebration, you should know that it can be very simple – and you won’t have to worry about finding someone who needs your donation. Donating blood, for example, is an easy way to make a significant impact. Information about local blood bank centers and current blood drives is readily available online, where you can also find out how to prepare and what to expect (which can be especially helpful if you’re a first-time donor). You are also encouraged to speak with your physician, who can provide all of the information you need. Overall, the process of donating blood is relatively short and straightforward, but the result could be instrumental in saving someone’s life. In fact, blood transfusions are credited with saving millions of lives every year.

This Valentine’s Day, as you cherish your loved ones, why not extend your kindness by giving someone else the gift of life? Remember, you have tremendous power – you could potentially be a match for a patient who is in need of a life-saving transfusion or transplant.

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