Taking Care of Your Health

Dr. Susan Hoover's Story

September 28, 2015

Susan-Hoover.jpg Dr. Susan Hoover

When I think about the past and the influences that led me to a career in medicine, I fondly recall as a young adult shadowing my father, a cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon, in his office while he tended to his patients. He had such a genuine and transparent rapport with the people for whom he cared in such a gentle manner. His inspiration has impacted the way I practice breast cancer surgery until today. 

Having the privilege of assisting my breast cancer patients with their health needs and being allowed to perform surgery on them is an absolute honor. My hope is that my patients always feel safe and comfortable when they see me and my team. We truly strive to create a safe haven for them to lay down their concerns and burdens, which are mainstays in the arena of a cancer diagnosis. 

I feel so fortunate to practice at Moffitt Cancer Center where the delivery of personalized, compassionate cancer care is of prime importance. This is most recently evidenced by Moffitt’s newest addition, the McKinley Outpatient Center, which is exclusively dedicated to the care of breast cancer and skin cancer patients. McKinley will provide multiple, specialized services for our breast cancer patients under one roof - an exciting time for us as providers and for our patients, who will glean many benefits from this all-inclusive center.  

I am thankful to my patients who continue to drive me to do what my father instilled in me long ago. We are here to be of service to others, and for that I am proud and grateful.

Dr. Susan Hoover is a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer.