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Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program

March 15, 2019

Deiah-Riley-HealthyKidz.jpg ABC Action News Good Morning Tampa Bay anchor Deiah Riley, left, presents a $2,000 Role Model Scholarship to Amiyah Murphy-Allison.

Congratulations to Moffitt Healthy KIDZ 2018 Role Model Scholarship Winners!

Micaih Anthony Powell, Ashlie Hayes, Amiyah Murphy-Allison, Breena Levison, Gandi Chavez, Kelviyana Elisha Walker, Emily Blanton, Tylyn Thomas, Sarah Nortelus and Jimmy Ngo were each awarded a $2,000 scholarship. Moffitt was fortunate to have strong community support. The scholarships were presented by special guests: Pro Football Hall of Fame Derrick Brooks, ABC Action News Good Morning Tampa Bay Anchor Deiah Riley, Sponsor Phelan Family Brand, Adam Phelan, State Representative Hon. Janet Cruz, Cathy Meade PhD, John Kiluk MD., Nagi Kumar PhD, Dexter Frederick MD, Cathy Grant and B. Lee Green PhD. A surprise appearance by Moffitt’s founder, Honorable H. Lee Moffitt left a huge impact on the youth and families in attendance.

Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Role Model Scholarship Award presenters
Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Role Model Scholarship Award presenters.

When asked how she felt about winning this scholarship, recipient Breena Levison commented, "I’m still amazed that I won and it’s not yet sunk in."

Those sentiments are echoed by Moffitt’s community relations coordinator and program founder Nikki Ross Inda, “We are very proud to be able to offer this program to youth in the greater Tampa Bay area. As role models, we are excited to lead by example. These young people are a source of pride and inspiration and there is no doubt they are on their way to continued success in college and beyond.”

The application for 2019 is now closed. Winners will be announced Friday, May 3 during the Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Role Model Awards ceremony. 

Healthy Kidz

Moffitt Healthy KIDZ is a community outreach program offered by Moffitt Cancer Center for children and adolescents of all ages focusing on cancer prevention, healthy living and positive life choices. The Healthy KIDZ motto "prevention starts early" is consistent with Moffitt's mission, to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. The Healthy KIDZ culture of inclusion welcomes youth from diverse backgrounds and is supported by essential healthy lifestyle opportunities through robust programming and education for the mind and body. The program focuses on several themes including:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Sun Safety
  • Dangers of Tobacco
  • The Arts
  • STEM - Careers in healthcare

Healthy Kidz H. Lee Moffitt

Three things you can do to be healthy, strong and do great in school:

  1. Eat 10 fruits and vegetables per day.
  • Half of your plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner should contain vegetables and fruits.
  • This can also include a cup of your favorite fruit or vegetable or a mixed juice.
  • Try at least one new vegetable or fruit each month.
  1. Best drinks for you:
  • You should drink two-three cups of milk per day and also include fruit or plain yogurts.
  • Stay away from sugary drinks. Drink water instead.
  • Flavor your water with a splash of cherry or another one of your favorite fruit juices if you like.
  1. Keep moving.
  • Find ways to exercise and be active for at least one hour per day like walking to school, riding your bike, or playing a sport with friends.

Kids eating healthy fruit

Discover How Harmful Tobacco is to Your Body and the Environment

The Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program offers interactive and fun educational programs with a holistic approach to learning. Signature programs include:

  • STEM Careers in Healthcare: Moffitt offers campus tours for middle and high school students who are interested in pursuing careers related to science or other professions within a hospital setting.
  • Moffitt Healthy KIDZ and Athletics: Collaborative partnerships with area athletic organizations offer students insight into potential career opportunities after sports.
  • Hug a Science Teacher: Teachers and administrators visit Moffitt for a half-day seminar to learn from a variety of experts including physicians, researchers and supportive care departments.
  • Moffitt Healthy KIDZ STEM Role Model Awards: The annual prestigious awards and recognition program for outstanding students, educators and leaders.

Over 10,000 students have signed the Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Tobacco Free Pledge card. Take the pledge! Download the Tobacco Free Pledge Card

Healthy Kidz Moffitt

Interested in Learning More?

Be a part of a lifetime of discoveries. For more information on the Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Program, please contact HealthyKIDZ@Moffitt.org.