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Diane Johnson 640

A Familiar Face at Moffitt

Diane was once a patient at Moffitt Cancer Center, and now as a volunteer, she listens to patients and caregivers express their challenges. Read More


Cards From Children Cheer Up Cancer Patients at Moffitt

My family and I began our personal fight with cancer in September 2012. What I thought was going to be simple turned into multiple surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Read More


Rescue Dog Once Struggling to Survive Helps Others in the Fight of Their Life

Pet therapy volunteer Spencer Bard says he can’t explain the joy he feels when he sees a patient at Moffitt light up at the sight of Lucy. Read More


Moffitt Volunteer Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Service in WWII

Moffitt volunteer Boris Stern went off to fight in World War II with 179 other men in his company and is one of only 18 who returned home alive. Read More


Five Questions With: Pam Dickens, Pet Therapy Program Volunteer

Pam Dickens has been volunteering at Moffitt since 1989 with the Pet Therapy program. She brings smiles to patients with her dogs, Huey and Chicklet. Read More


Congratulations to Moffitt Team Member and Volunteer on Winning NBC’s Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge!

Moffitt team member and volunteer Amanda Tchir says she had the time of her life competing for $250,000 on NBC’s Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2. Read More


A Caregiver’s Silver Lining

Howard Berneburg didn’t begin his Moffitt journey as a volunteer. His earliest glimpses of the cancer center were through the eyes of a caregiver, as he accompanied his wife Melanie throughout her battle with leukemia. Read More


Moffitt's Volunteer of the Year is also a Patient

As a volunteer in Moffitt’s Infusion Center, Nancy Scheidt can truly relate to the patients she is serving, because on many days she’s a patient herself. Read More


The Art of Volunteering

Moffitt found the perfect spot for Ruthie in the Arts in Medicine program, where she’s been dedicating her time as a volunteer since 2010. It has since become somewhat of a second home for her. Read More


A Volunteer 25 Years in the Making

Fred Kramer has dedicated more than 20,000 hours of his life to Moffitt Cancer Center. His paycheck comes in the form of laughs, smiles, and special bonds formed with those around him. Read More


Volunteer Proceeds From Music to Medicine

For Miles Cameron, volunteering isn’t just a way to pass the time. And Moffitt Cancer Center isn’t just another place. Read More


The Health Benefits – Both Mental and Physical – of Volunteering

Fred Kramer has volunteered at Moffitt Cancer Center for 25 years. His wife of 64 years, Addie, was also a volunteer until she passed away in 2014. In addition to volunteering, Fred enjoys swimming, reading and spending time with this family. Read More