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Map Wrapping Gift

7 Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Help your loved ones feel special this holiday season Read More

Chemo Drug Shortage

Critical Chemotherapy Drug is in Short Supply

The drug is used to treat many childhood cancers and blood cancers. Read More

VR Ringling

Bringing Virtual Reality to Cancer Patients

Moffitt is teaming up with Ringling College of Art and Design. Read More

Moffitt Pediatric Patient

When Kids Came to Moffitt for Care

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month stirs memories for Moffitt team members. Read More

Cell Therapies Research Lab

AdventHealth, Moffitt Cancer Center Join Forces

New partnership to expand treatment and research for Floridians. Read More

Breast Cancer Mammogram Results (1)

Medication May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

New guidelines offer women another option for prevention, but many are turning it down. Read More

Vanilla Nutrition Shake

Hoping for a Quicker Recovery? Drink Up.

Immunonutrition drink proves beneficial for patients if taken prior to surgery. Read More

Man Getting Heart Checked

Study: Higher Risk of Heart Disease for Cancer Survivors

New study shows those who have survived cancer have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Read More


Teamwork and Technology Key in Cancer Fight

Patient Joseph Cuervo has faced liposarcoma three times in the last 20 years. Read More

Prostate Hormone Therapy

Is Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Right for Me?

There are many different types of treatment for prostate cancer, including surgery, active surveillance, radiation and hormone therapy. Read More


5 Things to Know about Brain Cancer Treatments

Exploring new approaches with immunotherapy, surgery. Read More


Opioid 'Stigma' Keeping Cancer Patients in Pain?

Moffitt study is among first to survey patients about stigma associated with strong pain meds. Read More

Doc With Patient TCC

Patients Furthering Moffitt’s Mission

Data from Total Cancer Care® fuels research efforts. Read More

Measles Outbreak

Measles Outbreak: Facts for Cancer Patients

For cancer patients with compromised immune systems, the recent outbreak raises greater concern. Read More

Cancer Registry Team

Five Questions with a Cancer Registrar

In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week, we sat down with Jennie Jones, director of the Cancer Registry at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More

LGBTQ Symposium Recap

Symposium Showcases Need for Better Communication, Care for LGBTQ+ Patients

Oncologists and clinicians learned about best practices for LGBTQ+ people with cancer. Read More

Patient Medical Scan Anxiety

Tips for Managing “Scanxiety”

Awaiting an upcoming scan or test and the results that follow can be an emotional process for cancer patients and survivors. Read More

Scientist Hands With Microscope

Predicting Treatment Response in Kidney Cancer Patients

Can a patient's response to immunotherapy be predicted? Read More

Vials Liquid Biopsy

Could a Simple Blood Test Replace Lung Biopsies?

What if there was an easier way to get a glimpse into the inner working of a tumor? Read More


New Cure for Cancer?

An Israeli company says it’s discovered the cure for cancer, but Moffitt Cancer Center researchers say not so fast. Read More


Worth the Side Effect Risk

New study shows radiation plus chemo for HPV throat cancer offers best survival odds. Read More


New Study Shows CAR T-cell Therapy for Lymphoma Lives up to its Press

Seventeen cancer centers compare real world outcomes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients treated with Yescarta® to ZUMA-1 clinical trial data Read More


Can Chemo Cause Cognitive Decline in Older Patients?

A new study shows risk may be higher for those who carry Alzheimer’s gene. Read More


One Target: Multiple Cancers

FDA approves new drug for adults and children with rare cancers Read More


Virtual Visit

Now, more patients can receive top-notch, Moffitt-quality care without leaving the comfort of their homes. Read More


Smoking While Fighting Cancer?

Moffitt’s Moonshot grant will fund efforts to help its patients quit Read More


Loads of Love: Couple Donates Detergent for Moffitt Patients

Doing the laundry may seem mundane, but the household chore creates a sense of normalcy for patients and caregivers. Read More


Alarming Number of Americans Believe Alternative Medicine Cures Cancer

Moffitt expert urges caution, suggests complement to conventional care Read More


Leading Ladies Affected by Anal Cancer Brings New Awareness to Rare Disease

More than 5,500 women will be diagnosed with the disease in the United States this year. Read More


Is New Flu Drug Right for Cancer Patients?

Moffitt experts take “wait and see” stance on Xofluza Read More


WWE Star Wrestler Steps Out of Ring, Reveals Leukemia Battle

Roman Reigns has been battling the disease for 11 years Read More


Moffitt Psychiatrist Helps Patients while on Her Own Cancer Journey

Aliya Hafeez, M.D., currently splits her week between chemo, recovery and seeing patients. Read More


One Year After Hurricane Maria, Recovery and Research Continues

September 20 marks one year since the storm devastated Puerto Rico. Read More


Coach Laurie Pacholke Brings Strategy to Cancer Battle

Celebrated Freedom High School girls’ basketball coach battles stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Read More


Studies Show More Cancer Recurrences with Minimally Invasive Hysterectomies

Data presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology meeting shows that while MIS - which includes robotic surgeries - has been gaining momentum, an open radical hysterectomy may be a better choice. Read More


Chemotherapy Checklist: Tips from Our Patients

We went straight to the source and polled our patients on social media to get their best tips for preparing, passing the time, and taking care of themselves while undergoing chemotherapy. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: New Hope for Aggressive Leukemia

Patients with certain fast-progressing and deadly types of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) saw the first new drug for their disease in more than 40 years approved by the FDA. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: Less is More: Adaptive Therapy

The fourth one on the list of Moffitt research developments for 2017 involves rethinking drug resistance with a strategy called adaptive therapy that links the frequency, dosage and type of chemo to the tumor’s response. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: New Targets for Existing Cancer-Fighting Drugs

The third item on the list of Moffitt research developments for 2017 involves new targets for existing cancer-fighting drugs. Read More


Behind the Science: 'Super Molecules’ Show Promise in Prevention of Metastatic Breast Cancer

What if a drug commonly used to protect bones from osteoporosis could be altered to keep out breast cancer cells? That’s the goal one Moffitt researcher is pursuing through the creation of "Smart Molecules." Read More


Five Questions About Life After Breast Cancer With Dr. Hoover

Dr. Susan Hoover, a surgical oncologist in the Breast Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, answers five questions about life after breast cancer. Read More


Radiation Oncologist vs. Radiologist

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a radiation oncologist and a radiologist, you’re not alone. Read More