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Alcohol Use In Survivors

Study: High Alcohol Consumption in Cancer Survivor Population

Results from the first-ever large study on alcohol use in the oncology population surprised researchers. Read More

Becky Fontenot

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Breast cancer patients receive royal treatment at Moffitt event. Read More


Thriving After Treatment

Workshop empowers survivors to become their healthiest selves. Read More

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Summer Reminders for Cancer Survivors

Safe ways for cancer survivors to beat the heat. Read More

ACS Cancer Survival Estimate

Cancer Survivors Predicted to Top 22 Million by 2030

More and more Americans are surviving cancer, and the number is expected to grow even larger in the next decade. Read More


Breast Cancer Survivors Find Their Wings in SOAR Program

“I learned that this isn’t temporary; survivorship is a lifestyle change...And that it’s all doable.” Read More


Turning the Tide on Cancer

Gene Evans is celebrating his 9th anniversary as a cancer survivor with a 16-mile paddle and you can join him. Read More


Cancer Survivors: Five Tips to Staying Healthy

June 3 is National Cancer Survivors Day. It’s a time to celebrate life and if you’re a survivor it’s a good time to reflect on your health. Read More


Can Cancer Treatment Break Your Heart?

Life-saving treatments for lymphoma and breast cancer may come with a cost to the heart. Read More


Infographic: Embracing Your New Normal After Breast Cancer

Your journey doesn’t end after completing breast cancer treatment. It takes time to create a new normal and it’s important to take things one day at a time. Read More


Five Questions About Life After Breast Cancer With Dr. Hoover

Dr. Susan Hoover, a surgical oncologist in the Breast Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, answers five questions about life after breast cancer. Read More


Infographic: Survivors Share Their Courage

National Cancer Survivors Day, observed on the first Sunday in June, is a true celebration of life. It's a day to not only honor the strength and courage of all cancer survivors but also inspire those recently diagnosed with cancer. Read More


How to Cope With a Cancer Recurrence

The risk of cancer recurrence is different for every patient. It can be influenced by a number of factors, including the type and stage of the original cancer, the treatments used and the amount of time that has passed since treatment was completed. Read More


National Cancer Survivors Day®

National Cancer Survivors Day® was established by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation (NCSDF), a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for the millions of people who are living with cancer. Read More


From Cancer Treatment to Survivorship Care

Following a cancer diagnosis, the completion of treatment and everything in between, many people discover that their priorities change in multiple ways. Read More