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Patient Katie Husband

After Misdiagnosis, Patient Finds Pain Relief Thanks to Minimally Invasive Surgery

After several misdiagnoses, Katie is referred to Moffitt Cancer Center and learns that the cause of her back pain is a large tumor on the lower right-hand side of her back. Read More


Quitting Tobacco after a Cancer Diagnosis

Whether you are a long-term cancer survivor or newly diagnosed, quitting all tobacco products can improve your treatment outcome. Read More


Exercising for Success Before Surgery

Following an exercise program before surgery can make your recovery more successful and reduce the risk of complications Read More


What to Know About Alcohol Use and Surgery

Alcohol use, especially the amount of alcohol you drink daily, can affect your surgery and recovery. Learn more with these educational tips. Read More

One in a Million

As Emerald Cromwell battles a rare adrenal cancer, she learns two close friends have the same disease. Read More


What Should I Know About Breast Reconstruction?

It is important to keep in mind that every woman is different. Therefore, breast reconstruction may be not right for everyone. Read More