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Opioid 'Stigma' Keeping Cancer Patients in Pain?

Moffitt study is among first to survey patients about stigma associated with strong pain meds. Read More

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The Team of Support: Moffitt’s Supportive Care Medicine Department Collaborates to Care for the Whole Patient

Cancer can often leave patients depressed, anxious and sometimes raises existential questions and crises of faith. Helping to relieve these stressors is the role of Moffitt’s Department of Supportive Care Medicine. Read More

Social Work Awareness Month

The Grand Adventure

Patient Dana Young-Melnick found support during and after her cancer journey through Moffitt's social work program. Read More

Patient Medical Scan Anxiety

Tips for Managing “Scanxiety”

Awaiting an upcoming scan or test and the results that follow can be an emotional process for cancer patients and survivors. Read More


The Voice on the Other Line

Program connects mentors with cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. Read More


Breast Cancer Survivors Find Their Wings in SOAR Program

“I learned that this isn’t temporary; survivorship is a lifestyle change...And that it’s all doable.” Read More


It’s Us Against Cancer

Rocio Ferrer knows firsthand the importance of caregivers in patients’ lives. Read More


How to Find a Cancer Support Group

Along with your cancer diagnosis, many challenges have probably surfaced for both you and your family. During this tumultuous time, a professionally led support group can serve as an invaluable safe haven. Read More


Bucket List: iPad, Video Conferencing and the Open Road

David Palmer has lung cancer. But that hasn’t stopped him from sipping wine in Napa and gambling in Vegas. Read More


Five Questions with Moffitt's Director of Social Work and Patient and Family Services

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it can affect all aspects of their life. Social workers can help patients and their families cope with the many challenges of living with cancer. Read More


Dealing With Cancer Recurrence

If your oncologist recently told you that your cancer has come back, you may be experiencing a myriad of emotions. Read More


Seeking Supportive Care Early in Treatment May Be Beneficial

Comfort care vs. medical treatment or both? Barbara Bush weighs her options. Read More


The Power of Vitality: Clinic Helps Patients Who Have Lost Appetite and Weight

For most advanced-stage cancer patients, the disease is not the only battle they’re fighting. Read More


Adjusting to Life After Caregiving

If the need for caregiving has now come to an end, you may find yourself struggling to regain a sense of purpose in your life. Read More


When a Parent Has Cancer

When a parent becomes ill, your long-established roles may abruptly reverse. There are many things you can do to make the process easier for both your parent and yourself. Read More


What Sexual Side Effects Are Most Common During Cancer Treatment?

Regardless of the type of cancer you have, it will likely have a profound impact on every aspect of your life, including your sexual health. Read More


Tips on How to Help Cancer Patients During the Holidays

Do you know someone who is coping with cancer? Find out what you can do to help them during this holiday season. Read More


Five Questions With: Marc McDowell, Mindfulness Expert

We talked to Clinical Social Worker and Mindfulness Expert Marc McDowell about some of the misconceptions about mindfulness and found out how we can apply this practice in our daily lives. Read More


'What I Wish I Knew' - Advice from Patients and Caregivers on Living With Cancer

Find some ideas shared by both patients and caregivers that may help you to deal with many aspects of living with cancer. Advice is cheap: experience is priceless! Read More


Cards From Children Cheer Up Cancer Patients at Moffitt

My family and I began our personal fight with cancer in September 2012. What I thought was going to be simple turned into multiple surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Read More


What are the Symptoms of Depression?

When it's untreated depression can make it harder to enjoy usual activities and follow treatment plans. Read More


Caring for the Caregiver - Supporting Family and Friends of Cancer Patients

One of the first reactions of many patients at learning of a new cancer diagnosis is often a flood of concerns about the impact their illness will have on spouses, partners and other family members. Read More


Tips on How to Avoid Social Isolation During Cancer Treatment

One challenge that many patients may not have anticipated is the sense of isolation experienced at various points during their cancer journey. Read More


How to Cope When Your Partner Is Living With Cancer

If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, you’re both probably experiencing a wide range of feelings and emotions, which may include fear, anger, sadness and confusion. Read More


Life After Cancer Treatment

The day you’ve long been waiting for has finally arrived: the end of your cancer treatment. If you previously thought you’d be happy or relieved, you might be surprised by the wide range of emotions that you’re actually feeling. Read More


Coping With Emotions When You Find out You Have Cancer

Every individual who is diagnosed with cancer has different feelings and copes with them in different ways. It is important to do what is best for you. Read More