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Creating Memories For Our Loved Ones

Creating Memories for our Loved Ones

We all want to be sure our loved ones have something to remember us by when we are no longer here. In the world of psycho-oncology, we call this leaving a legacy. Read More

Coping Holi Daze

Coping with the Holi-daze

That time of year is upon us when the holidays begin to take over our lives. What can be a wonderful time of the year often turns into more stress and pressure. Read More

Other Side Of Cancer Art Medicine

The Other Side of Cancer: Caring for Your Emotions

Moffitt offers a wide array of services that complement medical treatment and strives to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families. Read More


Honoring our Caregivers During Caregiver Appreciation Month

November is Caregiver Appreciation Month and we would like to honor and show our appreciation to all of our Moffitt caregivers. Read More


Caring for the Caregiver - Supporting Family and Friends of Cancer Patients

One of the first reactions of many patients at learning of a new cancer diagnosis is often a flood of concerns about the impact their illness will have on spouses, partners and other family members. Read More