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Sarcoma Science Highlights 890

Sarcoma Science Highlights

The Sarcoma Department at Moffitt is a multispecialty group focused on the treatment and cure of patients with all sarcoma subtype diagnoses Read More

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Types of Sarcoma, a Deeper Look at a Few of the Subtypes

As a rule of thumb, any mass the size of a golf ball (>3cm) should be considered for a potential sarcoma diagnosis and referred to a specialist for evaluation before any intervention is started. Read More


How the IPOP Service Is Shaping the Standard of Care in Infusion Centers

The IPOP provides a new way for patients to receive the chemotherapy infusions they need in the comfort of an outpatient setting. Read More


Specialized Clinic for Bone Lesions and Bone Metastasis

The Sarcoma Program at Moffitt Cancer Center recently unveiled a new Bone Metastasis Clinic, a first of its kind in Florida and among only a handful in the U.S. Read More

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Artemis' Story: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Artemis encourages other LGBTQ+ patients to find the light by actively seeking mental health support and connecting with loved ones. Read More

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Sarcoma is Not a Single Disease, There are Actually More Than 70 Subtypes

Sarcoma is a relatively rare type of cancer, accounting for only about 1% of all malignancies in the U.S. Learn more about the types of sarcoma here. Read More

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Sarcoma Awareness Events: Go Yellow in July

Sarcoma Awareness Month is observed in July with the following events taking place at Moffitt Cancer Center. We welcome you to join us as we spread the word about this "forgotten cancer." Read More

Use Of Tils

Expanding TILs Beyond Melanoma – Sarcoma Study Now Open

Moffitt researchers are leaders in advancing the field of TIL therapy and Dr. Mullinax is hoping to see the same success in sarcoma patients as has been seen for melanoma patients at Moffitt. Read More

Megan Wing Sarcoma Patient

Patient Shares Tips on Coping with a Long Hospital Stay

Megan Wing, a Ewings Sarcoma patient, shares tips on how to make the most of a long hospital stay during cancer treatment. Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center and Swim Across America Tampa Bay Celebrate Another Fundraising Success

Swim Across America Tampa Bay has raised close to $1 million over the past six years to benefit Moffitt’s melanoma, sarcoma and adolescent and young adult programs Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center Names Dr. Louis Harrison Vice President, Chief Partnership Officer

He will work to develop multifaceted partnership and strategic alliances that advance the cancer center’s strategic goals Read More


What is Kaposi Sarcoma?

Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is a type of cancer that is caused by the human herpes virus 8, which is also known as Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus. Read More


Chad's Story: 'There is Life After Cancer'

Chad, a two-time sarcoma survivor, says having personal goals during treatment – something that didn’t involve cancer – was helpful. Read More