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T Cell Attacking Cancer

Accidental Discovery Could Lead to Future Cancer Therapy

Researchers in Europe discover T cell that may help detect and kill several cancers Read More

Alcohol Use In Survivors

Study: High Alcohol Consumption in Cancer Survivor Population

Results from the first-ever large study on alcohol use in the oncology population surprised researchers. Read More

Woman Smoking In Amsterdam City Picture Id841218772

Surprising Number of Survivors of Certain Cancers Smoke

Study aims to help cervical cancer survivors kick the habit Read More

Oskar Lindblom

New Hope for Ewing Sarcoma Patients?

Drug being tested at Moffitt now “fast tracked” by FDA Read More

Twins At Moffitt

Seeing Double: Twin Data Specialists at Moffitt

The duo works in Clinical Trials Research Programs at Moffitt Read More

Blood Cells In Artery

Combination Therapy for Myelodysplastic Syndromes

New study shows combination therapy extends response for certain MDS patients Read More

Breast MRI

MRI Screening for Women with Dense Breasts?

Recent study looks at supplemental MRI screening for early detection of breast cancer Read More

CAR T Attacking Leukemia Cell

Bridging Therapy Not Recommended for All CAR T Patients

New data presented by Moffitt shows poorer outcome for patients who receive bridging therapy prior to CAR T-cell therapy. Read More

Aspirin In Package

ResearCHECK: Does Daily Aspirin Use Lower Risk of Death If You Have Cancer?

A study published this week looked at the association of aspirin use and cancer deaths in older adults Read More


No Need to Boycott Seafood

Despite headlines, Atlantic Ocean seafood is still safe to eat Read More

Hair Dye In Salon

Can Hair Dye Cause Cancer?

Chemicals in the dye may behave like the hormones that cause breast cancer. Read More

Prostate Tests

Are Commercial Tests A Mismatch for African American Prostate Cancer Patients?

The tests, developed among European American men, may not accurately predict risks for progression Read More

Lung Cell Division

Living Longer with Lung Cancer?

New report shows progress nationally, but numbers are mixed for Florida Read More

Heart Monitor

Pacemakers Beneficial for Cancer Patients with Cardiomyopathy

Study points to need for cardio-oncology care, says Moffitt expert and co-author Read More

Caregiver Holding Hands

Supporting Caregivers

Studies at Moffitt Cancer Center aim to provide better resources for caregivers Read More

MFM High Five

Miles for Moffitt Is for Everyone

Not a runner? No problem. Read More

Veterans Healthcare

Moffitt Bringing Research to Local VA Hospitals

New prostate cancer study open at Bay Pines and Haley with plans for more in the future Read More

Vape And Cigarrettes

Does Vaping Lead to Smoking?

New study suggests vaping is not a “gateway” to other tobacco products, such as cigarettes Read More

New York City Skyline

Moffitt Takes Manhattan

Research Innovations event showcases the cancer center’s advancements in precision medicine. Read More

Fungi In Petri Dish

Can Fungi Drive Pancreatic Cancer?

New study shows fungi can get into the pancreas and cause tumor growth Read More

Breast Radiation Treatment

Personalizing Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

Moffitt physician-scientists have developed a tool to predict risk and optimize radiation therapy. Read More

CRO Announcement

Moffitt Announces Launch of Immunotherapy Contract Research Organization

The new organization will provide end-to-end services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to accelerate research, Read More

Pancreatic Cancer Cell

Pancreatic Cancer: Mission Possible

Moffitt making advancements in prevention, detection and treatment. Read More

Brain Breast Scans

Moffitt Launches Innovative Trial for Brain-Metastatic Breast Cancer

The therapy includes a three-part immunotherapy combination to shrink tumors. Read More

VR Sleep Study

Open Your Eyes and Relax

Moffitt develops virtual reality app to improve patients’ sleep. Read More

VR Ringling

Bringing Virtual Reality to Cancer Patients

Moffitt is teaming up with Ringling College of Art and Design. Read More

Rally Group Picture

Moffitt Researchers Speak Up at Rally for Medical Research

To emphasize the importance of federal funding, the American Association for Cancer Research holds its annual Rally for Medical Research. Read More

Cell Therapies Research Lab

AdventHealth, Moffitt Cancer Center Join Forces

New partnership to expand treatment and research for Floridians. Read More

Locke In Lab

Breakthroughs Running on Miles for Moffitt Grant

Funding builds momentum to continue critical cancer research. Read More

Jeans With Tape Measure

Study: Obesity-Associated Cancers are Trending in Younger Populations

Cancers that are usually found in those over the age of 65 and are considered “obesity-associated” are appearing in younger people. Read More

Vanilla Nutrition Shake

Hoping for a Quicker Recovery? Drink Up.

Immunonutrition drink proves beneficial for patients if taken prior to surgery. Read More

Cutting Juicy Steak

Swap Red Meat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

A recent study found an association between red meat and breast cancer. Read More

Dr Lau MFM Research

Miles for Moffitt Research Spotlight: Dr. Eric Lau

One hundred percent of Miles for Moffitt proceeds fuel research and empower scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center to find a cure. Read More

Cell Therapies TIL

Moffitt Expands TIL Therapy Research

Young sarcoma patients may benefit from tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy. Read More

Coffee And Cancer

New Study Shows Drinking Coffee Does Not Affect Your Cancer Risks

Moffitt expert says study should put to rest fears of coffee increasing risk of most cancers. Read More

Anxiety And Depression

Identifying Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults with Cancer

For cancer patients, anxiety and depression are associated with poor quality of life, lower survival rates and challenges with adhering to treatment. Read More


5 Things to Know about Brain Cancer Treatments

Exploring new approaches with immunotherapy, surgery. Read More

Sugary Drinks

Soda, Fruit Juice Study Tough to Swallow?

Both linked to higher risk of cancer. Read More

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

ZUMA-3 CAR T Study Results Are In

Promise Shown in Treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Read More

Breast Imaging Scan 2

Good Directions

Moffitt research associate Amber Beyer, and team are working on an adaptive cell therapy for women with HER2+ breast cancer. Read More

HPV Congress Briefing

Our Shot to Eliminate Cancer

Moffitt partners with top cancer organizations to urge lawmakers to make HPV vaccination a priority. Read More

CAR T Solid Tumors ASCO (1)

The Power of CAR T in Solid Tumor Treatment

CAR T therapy involves a patient’s own T cells that have been genetically engineered to target a patient’s own specific cancer. Read More

Britta Beningfield Immunotherapy

Moffitt Research Moves New Immunotherapy Closer to FDA Approval

Some cancer patients may be one step closer to being treated with cells from their own tumors. Read More

Older CAR T Patients

CAR T Therapy Safe for Older Patients

Moffitt’s closer look at clinical trial data could expand therapy’s use and effectiveness. Read More

ACS Cancer Survival Estimate

Cancer Survivors Predicted to Top 22 Million by 2030

More and more Americans are surviving cancer, and the number is expected to grow even larger in the next decade. Read More

Sleeping With Tv On

Does Sleeping with the TV On Lead to Weight Gain?

Dozing off in front of the TV or sleeping with other lights on can affect your body’s metabolism and even lead to weight gain, according to a new study. Read More

Breast Cancer Cell

Adding a New Drug to Standard Treatment May Add Years for Younger Women with Advanced Breast Cancer

Younger women battling advanced breast cancer may live longer by adding ribociclib to first-line endocrine therapy. Read More

GR Job Shadow

Lab Work for Elected Leaders

Moffitt invites officials to learn from researchers and patients Read More

Cancer To Canvas

Bringing Cancer to the Canvas

When artist Ray Paul was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2011, he wanted to better understand his disease. Read More

Low Fat Diet Breast Cancer

Diet Diminishes Risk of Death from Breast Cancer

A low-fat, plant-based diet has been linked to a reduced risk of death from breast cancer. Read More

Effie Lee Husband

Clinical Trial Brings Hope to Lung Cancer Patient

Last year, Lee was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer that had spread to her brain and spine. Read More

Melanoma Month Begins

Making Progress Against Melanoma?

As Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins, Moffitt continues studies of deadliest form Read More

Doc With Patient TCC

Patients Furthering Moffitt’s Mission

Data from Total Cancer Care® fuels research efforts. Read More

Herpes Simplex Cancer

Herpes Virus Can be Used to Treat Melanoma. Which Cancer is Next?

Since the approval of talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC, Imlygic®) in 2015, Moffitt has been using this modified form of the herpes virus as a standard treatment for melanoma patients. Read More

Gail Courage

Saving Lives After Death

Gail Porter was the first patient to enroll in Moffitt's rapid tissue donation program. Read More

Oral Contraceptives Ovarian

Birth Control Pills Linked with Reduced Risk of Ovarian Cancer Death

Using oral contraceptives has been tied to a reduced risk for highly fatal aggressive ovarian cancer, according to study results presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. Read More

Cigarette Stubbed Out

Fighting Cancer While Smoking: Costs Beyond Health?

New study attempts to estimate financial impact when cancer patients smoke. Read More

Cancer Registry Team

Five Questions with a Cancer Registrar

In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week, we sat down with Jennie Jones, director of the Cancer Registry at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More

HPV Vaccine Vial

People at Higher Risk for HIV Infection Are Skipping Vaccination

New study shows HPV vaccination rates are low among those at high risk for HIV and HPV infection. Read More

Pancreas Illustration

Can Precision Medicine Work for Pancreatic Cancer?

A study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting looked at the use of PARP inhibitors as maintenance therapy for pancreatic cancer. Read More

Walt Disney World Smoking Ban

Breath of Fresh Air

Implementation of smoke-free policies improves health Read More

Walnuts Breast Cancer

Eating Walnuts May Help Breast Cancer Patients

New research shows walnuts could help women who are dealing with breast cancer. Read More

Feet Bathroom Scale

Excess Body Weight at Younger Ages Increases Risk of Dying from Pancreatic Cancer

Excess body weight before age 50 may be strongly associated with a higher risk of dying from pancreatic cancer than excess weight at older ages. Read More

Scientist Hands With Microscope

Predicting Treatment Response in Kidney Cancer Patients

Can a patient's response to immunotherapy be predicted? Read More

Cancer Cell DNA Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy May Boost Survival in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Combination chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment shows promise in recent study. Read More

HIV Virus Cured

Second HIV Patient in Remission after Stem Cell Transplant

Could answers lie in genetic mutation traced to Vikings? Read More

LGBTQ Symposium Diversity

Symposium Encourages Better Care for LGBTQ+ Patients

The symposium will teach its clinical care team and healthcare providers in the community best care and practices for LGBTQ+ people with cancer. Read More

Vials Liquid Biopsy

Could a Simple Blood Test Replace Lung Biopsies?

What if there was an easier way to get a glimpse into the inner working of a tumor? Read More

Eliminate HPV

Get the Facts and Spread the Word on HPV

Join us in promoting HPV awareness and vaccination Read More

Mccain Glioblastoma Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Glioblastoma

The study marks the first time an immune-system treatment has shown any benefit to glioblastoma. Read More

Researcher Spotlight Katarzyna Rejniak 890X510

Researcher Spotlight: Katarzyna Rejniak Says Teaching is Most Rewarding When Students are Recognized

She leads a computational lab that models the mechanisms of interaction between tumors and their microenvironments Read More

Smoking E Cigarette

E-cigarettes Best for Helping Smokers Quit

New study shows that e-cigarettes are better than traditional nicotine-replacement therapy for smoking cessation Read More


New Cure for Cancer?

An Israeli company says it’s discovered the cure for cancer, but Moffitt Cancer Center researchers say not so fast. Read More


Moffitt Tackles LGBTQ Health Care Disparities Through Education

Results from a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology helps shape educational tools for oncologists Read More


Excess Weight Gain Contributes to Cancer

A new report says excess body weight accounts for 7 percent of cancer cases in the United States. Read More


Is Surgery Necessary for Prostate Cancer?

A 30-year study found that prostate-removal surgery added three years to the lives of men with prostate cancer, compared to those who were only monitored. Read More


Survey Shows Increase in Teen Vaping

More American teens are using e-cigarettes in 2018 than ever before. Read More


Fewer Transfusions for Patients with MDS?

New drug shows promise for those battling a lower-risk form of this bone marrow cancer. Read More


Uterine Cancer Numbers Keep Growing

Moffitt expert says obesity, drop in hysterectomies may account for rise Read More


Pregnancy May Increase Breast Cancer Risk Before Offering Protective Benefits

Women who’ve given birth may be at an increased risk of breast cancer. Read More


Worth the Side Effect Risk

New study shows radiation plus chemo for HPV throat cancer offers best survival odds. Read More


Can One 10-Minute Test Detect Cancer?

Promising experimental blood test spots a variety of cancers Read More


Where Do the Dollars Go?

Miles for Moffitt research grants provide seed money for great ideas Read More


Nearly 40 Percent of CAR T Patients Remain in Remission

Many ZUMA-1 participants remain in remission and more than half of those treated remain alive. Read More


Why I Run

In her own words, Dr. Dana Rollison explains why Miles for Moffitt is much more than another fundraiser. Read More


Can Chemo Cause Cognitive Decline in Older Patients?

A new study shows risk may be higher for those who carry Alzheimer’s gene. Read More


One Target: Multiple Cancers

FDA approves new drug for adults and children with rare cancers Read More


If You’re at Risk, New Study Affirms Lung Cancer Screening is the Right Choice

Early lung cancer usually has no symptoms, so it’s hard to detect early when there is the best chance for a cure. Read More


Smoking While Fighting Cancer?

Moffitt’s Moonshot grant will fund efforts to help its patients quit Read More


Alarming Number of Americans Believe Alternative Medicine Cures Cancer

Moffitt expert urges caution, suggests complement to conventional care Read More


What’s New in Breast Cancer Research?

Learn what Moffitt is doing bring new therapies to patients Read More


Can Eating Organic Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

A new study suggests eating only organic fruits and veggies can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers Read More


Going Digital—How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Identify Breast Cancer

Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) is providing a new tool to fight the disease Read More


Early PSA Testing Could Help Predict Prostate Cancer among Black Men

New study suggests midlife PSA testing is key to predicting aggressive prostate cancer. Read More


Evidence Mounts Linking Aspirin to Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

New study shows daily use can reduce risk by 23 percent Read More


One Year After Hurricane Maria, Recovery and Research Continues

September 20 marks one year since the storm devastated Puerto Rico. Read More


Global Cancer Deaths Expected to Rise to Nearly 10 Million This Year

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) cancer deaths are expected to rise to nearly 10 million this year. Read More


Researcher Spotlight: Vince Luca, PhD on Receptors, Ligands and the Fate of Cells

Behind the scenes, the Luca Lab studies the "molecular language" of cell-to-cell communication using cutting edge approaches in structural, cellular and synthetic biology. Read More


Get in the Game to Help Treat Cancer

Moffitt has developed the first-ever video game that could uncover new ways to treat the disease. Read More


Moffitt Uses Innovative Immunotherapy to Stand Up To (Lung) Cancer

The unique clinical trial combining two immunotherapies is funding by the Stand Up To Cancer Catalyst® Program. Read More


A New Drug Could Soon Be Available to Treat a Common Form of Skin Cancer

Nearly half of the patients who participated in the trial saw their tumors shrink. Read More


Beating Cancer With Game Theory

Moffitt researchers use game theory to rethink cancer treatment Read More


Moffitt Cancer Center Tackles Health Disparities through Research and Education

Summer Internship Program is part of $1.2 million grant to advance health disparity and precision medicine education and research Read More


Herpes Virus Shows Promise in Shrinking Cancer Tumors

A modified version of the virus, now used on melanoma patients, may expand to treat other cancers. Read More


What is Radon?

Radon has been making headlines, but do you know what it is? Read More


High School Students Get HIP to Cancer Research at Moffitt

Moffitt's High School Internship Program for Integrated Mathematical Oncology, also known as HIP-IMO, give students hands on training on how math can be used to understand, predict and treat cancer. Read More


Ovarian Cancer Risks, Survival May Benefit from Daily Aspirin

Two new studies examined daily aspirin use for those at risk or diagnosed with the disease Read More


Can a Keto Diet Help Cancer Treatment?

Study shows that a low-carb diet may raise the effectiveness of cancer-fighting drugs. Read More


Can Fitness Trackers Help Doctors with Your Cancer Treatment?

A new study found wearable devices gather useful data that may help predict patient outcomes. Read More


Did Cancer Exist 3,000 Years Ago?

Archeologists have uncovered six cases of cancer while studying the bodies of ancient Egyptians buried between 1,500 and 3,000 years ago. Read More


Working to Treat a Deadly Form of Prostate Cancer

A deadly form of prostate cancer is more common that experts previously thought. Now, Moffitt is working to combat it. Read More


A Treatment for a Cancer Once Thought to be 'Untreatable' May Already Exist

Patients suffering from an untreatable form of lung cancer may benefit from an existing cancer remedy that blocks cell growth. Read More

CAR T Leukemia Cell.jpg

CAR T Drives New Ovarian Cancer Research

The new genetically-modified CAR T-cells seek out and destroy cancer cells expressing an FSH receptor protein found on a large number of ovarian cancer cells. Read More


Cancer Answers in the Cone of Uncertainty?

Computer modeling and mathematical oncology add up to new treatment approaches at Moffitt Cancer Center Read More


Can Baking Soda Help Fight Cancer?

A new study finds baking soda makes tumor cells easier to target with drugs. Read More


Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments Equally Effective in Blacks, Whites

Recent studies compare hormone therapy and chemotherapy results for black and white men who have prostate cancer. Read More


Should I Be Worried About Wearing Deodorant?

Even though many people use the terms "antiperspirant" and "deodorant" interchangeably, antiperspirants are actually a subset of deodorants, and each works in a different way. Read More


April 24-30 Is World Immunization Week – Vaccines Also Target Cancer

This year the World Health Organization and partners celebrate World Immunization Week April 24-30 to promote awareness of the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Read More


Getting a Gel Manicure? You May Want To Pack Your Sunscreen

Consider applying SPF to your hands and feet the next time you get a mani and pedi. Read More


'New Organ' Could Be New Target for Cancer Research

Is this where cancer goes to spread? A recent discovery raises new questions for cancer researchers. Read More


Manning Up To Eliminate HPV

A new study suggests that physicians are less likely to recommend the HPV vaccine for boys. Read More


Federal Funding Lowest for Gynecological Cancers

When it comes to money for cancer research, not all cancers are funded equally. Read More


Is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Overdiagnosed?

Getting a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis is highly recommended, but even more so if you face triple negative breast cancer. Read More


Elephants May Hold the Key to Fighting Cancer

Consider this: despite elephants massive size compared to humans, they are estimated to only have a 4.8 percent cancer mortality rate. Read More


The Legacy of 'Mother Moffitt'

Julie Djeu, PhD, took on the title of first research scientist at the fledgling Moffitt Cancer Center back in 1986 in part because she loves a challenge. Read More


Your Chance to Eliminate Cancer

HPV is so common that nearly everyone - men and women - will get it at some point in their lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More


E-Cigarettes OK to Quit Smoking

Smokers hoping to crush out their last butt might consider weaning themselves off the habit with temporary help from e-cigarettes. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Yamoah on the 'Lifelong Commitment' of a Physician Scientist

Dr. Kosj Yamoah, a physician-scientist, tracks his roots of studying prostate cancer disparities through his native Ghana. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: New Hope for Aggressive Leukemia

Patients with certain fast-progressing and deadly types of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) saw the first new drug for their disease in more than 40 years approved by the FDA. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: Less is More: Adaptive Therapy

The fourth one on the list of Moffitt research developments for 2017 involves rethinking drug resistance with a strategy called adaptive therapy that links the frequency, dosage and type of chemo to the tumor’s response. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: New Targets for Existing Cancer-Fighting Drugs

The third item on the list of Moffitt research developments for 2017 involves new targets for existing cancer-fighting drugs. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: Novel Combination Approach to Lung Cancer Wins Moffitt a Stand Up To Cancer Grant

The second one on the list of Moffitt research developments involves a grant to study how immunotherapy can change the way the cancer center is treating lung cancer. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: CAR T Therapy Tested, Commercially Available at Moffitt

The first one on the list of Moffitt's top research developments for 2017 is the FDA approval of CAR T therapy for certain aggressive types of adult lymphoma. Read More


Behind the Science: Test May Help Lung Cancer Patients Choose Best Treatment

Lung cancer is by far the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. More than 220,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. Read More


Behind the Science: 'Super Molecules’ Show Promise in Prevention of Metastatic Breast Cancer

What if a drug commonly used to protect bones from osteoporosis could be altered to keep out breast cancer cells? That’s the goal one Moffitt researcher is pursuing through the creation of "Smart Molecules." Read More


Moffitt and Tampa Bay Rays Lead Relief Mission to Puerto Rico

More than 30,000 pounds of medical and hurricane supplies, generators, food and water are on a chartered Boeing 737 headed for Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Abate-Daga Discusses the Progress of Immunotherapy

Dr. Daniel Abate-Daga's research is focused on the development of T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Enderling Shares Why He Participated in Miles for Moffitt

Dr. Enderling is an assistant member in the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department. Find out what his team accomplished at Miles for Moffitt this year. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Cress Offers Insights on Molecular Oncology, SPARK Program

Dr. Doug Cress is an associate member of the Molecular Oncology Department. Learn more about his role in Molecular Oncology and the Spark Program. Read More


Racing for a Cure: 12th Annual Miles for Moffitt Raises Over $1 Million for Cancer Research

From caregivers to survivors and patients - more than 5,600 participants shared one common goal at Miles for Moffitt: raising funds for cancer research to save lives and ultimately defeat cancer. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Gonzalez Aims to Improve Quality of Life for Patients

"We have all had loved ones who've been touched by cancer. I remember being struck by the huge quality of life burden that cancer patients and survivors face," says Dr. Gonzalez. Read More


Dr. Locke: CAR-T Cell Therapy a 'Revolution in Cancer Care'

Dr. Locke, the principal investigator for a new experimental immunotherapy called CAR T-cell therapy, talks about the breakthroughs with this type of treatment. Read More


Using Math to Fight Cancer

How does math coincide with cancer treatment? The answer lies within the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More


LGBTQ Patients Priority for Continued Research

The health care needs of LGBTQ patients who are at risk or fighting cancer are a priority for continued research, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD, and Matthew Schabath, PhD, told prior to World Cancer Day on Feb. 4. Read More


Infographic: Making Medicine Personal - The Practice of Personalized Medicine

At Moffitt Cancer Center we look at every patient’s cancer as unique. Our clinical expertise and transformational research keeps us at the forefront of personalizing cancer care. Read More


Important HPV Study Comes to an End

After 12 years, a significant study at Moffitt has come to an end. Read More


Moffitt Hosts Cancer Moonshot Summit

Moffitt Cancer Center hosted a Cancer Moonshot Summit bringing together physicians, scientists, patients, and advocates to discuss viable ways to accelerate cancer research and improve treatment. Read More


National Cancer Research Month – How You Can Help

May is National Cancer Research Month, which serves as an important reminder to everyone that the key to future progress in the fight against cancer lies in the critical work that still needs to be done. Read More


Panel at Cancer Research Policy Forum Discuss Funding Needs

Moffitt Cancer Center and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) hosted the Cancer Research Policy Forum in the Ted Couch Auditorium on Monday, March 7. Read More


Moffitt Eager to Play Role in Biden's 'Moon Shot' to Cure Cancer

Moffitt Eager to Play Role in Biden's 'Moon Shot' to Cure Cancer Read More