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Grace Patti Halula 640

A Mother’s Perspective: Parenting with Cancer

Patti, a metastatic breast cancer patient, says there is no rule book when it comes to raising children, especially when you have cancer. Read More

Grace Halula 640

A Daughter’s Perspective: Growing Closer Through Cancer

Grace Halula reflects on growing up with a mom who has cancer. Read More

Mary Sansone Art 640

Patient Story: Relapser Recovers in More Ways Than One

Mary Sansone, a patient advisor at Moffitt, reflects on the care she received from the BMT treatment team. Read More

Chia Patient Moffitt 640

From Healthcare Provider to Uterine Cancer Survivor

Chia is a dedicated nurse anesthetist at Moffitt Cancer Center who was unexpectedly diagnosed with uterine cancer. Read More

Jamie Colorectal Patient 640

You Know Your Body Best

Jamie VandenAvond shares her journey with colorectal cancer and how important it is to recognize what your body is telling you. Read More

David Dauman Family 640

The Holiday of Lights and Heroes

With his multiple myeloma in check, David Dauman reflects on past Chanukahs with this family. Read More

Andrea Hospital 640

College Student Diagnosed with Brain Tumor on Road to Recovery After Minimally Invasive Craniotomy

Andrea never expected to be diagnosed with a brain tumor in college but after being referred to Moffitt for treatment, she is thankful for the outcome. Read More

Johnny Building Ministry 640X367

Spreading Hope and Building on Faith Through A Cancer Journey

Celebrating a Life of Ministry and a Multiple Myeloma Milestone with a Very Special Patient Read More

Gary Lambert Coffee Sourcing (3)

A Unique Take on Customized Cancer Care

Husband, father and coffee aficionado Gary has become one of the first 100 patients to be treated with CAR T therapy approved for myeloma Read More

Diane Johnson 640

A Familiar Face at Moffitt

Diane was once a patient at Moffitt Cancer Center, and now as a volunteer, she listens to patients and caregivers express their challenges. Read More

Halyna Derzhko 640

Community Without Borders

When the war broke out in Ukraine, Halyna was no longer able to continue treatment for melanoma. She found her way to Tampa and Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More

Ray Posey 640

Patient and Family Orientation Helps Reduce First Visit Anxiety

A patient advisor recalls his experiences as a new patient at Moffitt and decides to volunteer in the orientation program to help others. Read More

Santos Family Picture

‘The Stereotactic Radiosurgery Procedure Experience Was Just Amazing’

Ina was referred to Moffitt Cancer Center, where she learned about a new treatment option called stereotactic radiosurgery. Read More

James Ridley 640

Patient's Perspective: Running Scared and the Wake-Up Call

After being in denial about his prostate cancer diagnosis, James Ridley finally decided to become his own advocate and began doing exhaustive research on alternatives to surgery. Read More

Dottie Patient Story

'I'm Sharing my Story with the Hope to Inspire Strength and Courage'

Dottie says she felt numb hearing the word cancer but after meeting with Dr. Mitchel Hoffman she knew she had made the right decision to come to Moffitt for uterine cancer treatment. Read More

Artemis Moffitt Patient 640

Artemis' Story: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Artemis encourages other LGBTQ+ patients to find the light by actively seeking mental health support and connecting with loved ones. Read More

Amanda Brunson 640

Amanda’s Story: Cancer Was the Toughest Thing I Have Had to Overcome

Amanda was on a mission to try out for the Olympics when she found out her cancer came back. "I am so much stronger, wiser, and I have a different outlook on life now," she says. Read More

Barbara Cruz Miles Moffitt 640

Diversity Within the Patient and Family Advisory Council

Bárbara is giving back by serving on Moffitt’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The group comes together monthly to provide feedback on patient services and programs. Read More

Patient Katie Husband

After Misdiagnosis, Patient Finds Pain Relief Thanks to Minimally Invasive Surgery

After several misdiagnoses, Katie is referred to Moffitt Cancer Center and learns that the cause of her back pain is a large tumor on the lower right-hand side of her back. Read More

GYN Clinical Trial Patient

Mucosal Melanoma Survivor Thankful for Immunotherapy Treatment

As a young woman facing vaginal mucosal melanoma, Lena was determined to get treatment at a top-rated cancer center. Read More

Being Nonbinary Jen Courage

Patient Story: Being Nonbinary

"I share my story because I hope someone like me will connect with it," says Jen. Read More

Amy Bondon M4M

Building a Dream One Step at a Time

When Amy Bondon first learned about Miles for Moffitt, she was in no state to compete in the event. But she set a goal to complete it, one step at a time. Read More

Manolias Salon Patient Story

A New Look at Magnolias Salon

After her first visit to Magnolias Salon, Lisa Assetta says she was ready to face the world with her new hairstyle. Read More

Lucky And Grateful 640

Lucky and Grateful

I am an Ewing's sarcoma survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 32. I had no experience with cancer except for what I had seen on television or in movies. Read More

Mistys Story TIL Therapy

Cervical Cancer Patient Grateful for Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

Misty, who had a rare type of cervical cancer, found hope after enrolling in a clinical trial involving tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy. Read More

Fatima Journey

Fatima's Story: Moving Forward One Day at a Time

Fatima shares her journey with cancer through the AYA program at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More

Greg Robertson Grandson

Bedside Art Visit During COVID-19 Yields a Special Birthday Gift

Moffitt's Artist in Residence Cat Thomas shares a special encounter with a patient and a surprise birthday gift they made together. Read More

Megan Wing Sarcoma Patient

Patient Shares Tips on Coping with a Long Hospital Stay

Megan Wing, a Ewings Sarcoma patient, shares tips on how to make the most of a long hospital stay during cancer treatment. Read More


Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Brought Renewed Hope To Lung Cancer Patient

My husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year and know without a doubt that I would not be alive today if we had not sought treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More


Through the Lens of a Lung Cancer Patient Advocate

"I did not know of anyone with cancer and had no knowledge of lung cancer or any treatment I would need," remembers Sandra. Read More


Natalie's Story: 'It's Not in Me to Give Up Now'

Want a glimpse into the life of a young patient with stage 2 breast cancer? Check out Natalie’s poem. Read More


8 Questions with Moffitt Patient and Professional Wakeboarder Alexa Score

"For me the act of 'surviving' isn’t one single accomplishment, like having no cancer or growing your hair back. Surviving, to me, is a way of life," says Alexa Score. Read More


Salute to Survivors Honoree Gets Surprise Guest - Brother Emmitt Smith

Marsha Smith-Hill, a breast cancer survivor, had a quite a memorable time at the Rays-Orioles game on Saturday. Read More


Chad's Story: 'There is Life After Cancer'

Chad, a two-time sarcoma survivor, says having personal goals during treatment – something that didn’t involve cancer – was helpful. Read More


Moffitt Patient Brings Relief to Others with Port Pillows

After Rhonda heard fellow patients share stories about not wearing their seatbelts because the seatbelt put pressure on their port, she came up with a plan to help them. Read More


Fanny's Story: I Have a Strong Spirit

"My friend pushed me really hard to come here, and even recommended a specific doctor for me. We are really grateful to her for recommending Moffitt," says Fanny. Read More


Ashley's Story: Paying it Forward

My journey to becoming the new co-chair of the Patient and Family Advisory Council began five years ago at the age of 27 when I walked through the doors at Moffitt for treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Read More


Head and Neck Cancer Can’t Silence Local Lawyer

To see him now, you’d never know the battle Tampa attorney Buddy fought outside the courtroom. For more than 30 years, the lawyer relied on his voice to help individuals and businesses navigate the bankruptcy process Read More


John's Story: Giving Back Through Music

"Upon walking into Moffitt Cancer Center, it did not feel like any other hospital I had ever been to," says John, a throat cancer survivor. Read More


Tara's Story: I’m so Happy to be Sick

Tears well up in Tara’s eyes as she remembers the medical team telling her it was probably just a cyst and nothing to worry about, but as she peered through a half-open doorway she saw her image on the screen with a large mass lit up. Read More


Couple Says 'I Do' in the ICU at Moffitt Cancer Center

Ena's fiancé, Steven, didn’t know if they were going to see the wedding day they’d been planning for months. He decided then and there he wanted to marry her right away. Read More


30 Years Later, She'll Always Be 'Little Miss Moffitt'

Thirty-year-old Morgan is a catering coordinator in Atlanta, but to the team at Moffitt Cancer Center, she’ll always be “Little Miss Moffitt.” Read More


Brandon's Story

Receiving a melanoma diagnosis came as quite a shock to Brandon after two dermatologists told him that the mole on his right temple was of no concern. Read More


Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Pearl Harbor Survivor Reflects on 75th Anniversary

George Kondas is a hero, an inspiration and a reminder to never give up hope as America remembers the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read More


Emerald's Story

"What I've learned through this experience is to listen to your body. Don't ignore the warning signs. Just because you are young doesn't mean it can't happen." Read More


92-Year-Old Celebrates Last Round of Radiation with Sweet Sound of Success

The musical melodies of sleigh bells, church bells and school bells don’t resonate like the sweet symphony of a bell ringing in Moffitt’s radiation department. Read More


Judy's Story

Judy chose to participate in clinical trials not only to fight her ovarian cancer, but in the hopes that others would benefit from these studies as well. Read More


Anna's Story

Throughout her chemotherapy treatment Anna kept her eye on the prize. Read More


Jackie's Story

Jackie discovered how valuable it can be to find others who can relate, not just sympathize, with her cancer diagnosis at Moffitt’s AYA Program. Read More


Rachell's Story

Rachell was a 24-year-old newlywed hoping to start a family when was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Read More