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Kumar People V Cancer

‘The Truth about Food and Cancer’ with Dr. Nagi Kumar

Moffitt researcher weighs in on how plant compounds can regulate disease Read More

Hearthealthyberries (1)

If You Have Cancer, Heart Health Matters More

Check out these tips to keep your ticker tiptop (hint: pushing a shopping cart counts). Read More

Vanilla Nutrition Shake

Hoping for a Quicker Recovery? Drink Up.

Immunonutrition drink proves beneficial for patients if taken prior to surgery. Read More

Cutting Juicy Steak

Swap Red Meat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

A recent study found an association between red meat and breast cancer. Read More

Coffee And Cancer

New Study Shows Drinking Coffee Does Not Affect Your Cancer Risks

Moffitt expert says study should put to rest fears of coffee increasing risk of most cancers. Read More

Sugary Drinks

Soda, Fruit Juice Study Tough to Swallow?

Both linked to higher risk of cancer. Read More

Red Meat Cancer Risk

Grilling Red Meat? Read This First

Eating burgers, hot dogs is linked to early death, study shows. Read More

Antioxidants Lung Cancer

Do Antioxidants Cause Lung Cancer to Spread?

Antioxidants come from two places: they’re in certain foods and the body also naturally produces them. Read More

Honey Rings Cereals Picture Id1067719914

Is Weed Killer in Your Child’s Breakfast?

Your children might be absorbing more than advertised in their breakfast. Twenty-one oat-based cereal and snack products, including Cheerios and Nature Valley Granola, have tested positive for traces of cancer-linked glyphosate (GHB), the main ingredient in weed killer. Read More

Low Fat Diet Breast Cancer

Diet Diminishes Risk of Death from Breast Cancer

A low-fat, plant-based diet has been linked to a reduced risk of death from breast cancer. Read More

Walnuts Breast Cancer

Eating Walnuts May Help Breast Cancer Patients

New research shows walnuts could help women who are dealing with breast cancer. Read More


Up to 85 Percent of Patients with Cancer Experience Malnutrition or Weight Loss

Nutritional status affects acceptability and tolerability of anticancer therapies. Read More

Green Foods Stpatricksday

Five Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are five green foods to add to your St. Paddy's Day menu! Read More

Tom Brady In October 2013

Eating Alkaline

Is there merit to Tom Brady's alkaline diet? Read More


Weight Loss and other Cancer Warning Signs Not to Ignore

Play it smart and talk to your doctor if you experience these red flags. Read More

What Spices Have Health Benefits.jpg

What Spices Have Health Benefits?

Spices make food taste better. But, did you know that some also provide health benefits? Read More


Should Your Parties Include Probiotics?

With a little thought and planning you’ll have healthy, attractive and delicious options that appeal to a broad range of guests. Read More


How to Trim Calories From Your Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re not careful about your eating habits during the holidays, you could end up ringing in the New Year a few pounds heavier. Read More


Can Eating Organic Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

A new study suggests eating only organic fruits and veggies can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers Read More


Why You Should Fall for Pumpkin This Season

Pumpkins and winter squashes are a great cancer prevention and cancer survivorship food. Read More


Can a Keto Diet Help Cancer Treatment?

Study shows that a low-carb diet may raise the effectiveness of cancer-fighting drugs. Read More


Four Heathy Eating Tips to Try During National Nutrition Month

It’s more important to focus on your diet as a whole, and to understand how making smart food choices today can provide multiple benefits over the long run. Read More


Five Health Tips to Win March Madness

Even if your team doesn’t win, you don’t have to be a loser when it comes to your health. Read More


Feeling Lucky?

Are you testing the luck of the Irish by toasting St. Patrick with a pint of emerald ale? Read More


Thinking of Eating Almonds and Cashews? Go Nuts.

A bite-size snack may have a big impact when it comes to colon cancer. Read More


Food for Thought: Five Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels

You walk into the grocery store armed with a cart and your list. But are you ready to take on the biggest challenge? Ensuring the food you buy is healthy for you and your family. Read More

strawberry-salad2.jpg (1)

Very Berry and Spinach Salad

You can't miss fresh strawberries in the grocery aisle. Did you know this superfruit is rich in folates, vitamin C and packed with antioxidants? Try this recipe for a sweet twist to your salad! Read More


There’s No Sugar Coating It: Sugary Soft Drinks Linked to Cancer

You may want to think twice before pouring yourself another glass of soda. The sweet drink has been linked to cancer. Read More


New Study Links Ultra-Processed Foods to Cancer

Processed foods can cause you to pack on the pounds, but now there’s another reason to think twice before hitting the drive-thru. Read More


Tips for Heart Health and Cancer Prevention

Nutrition matters, both in terms of heart health and cancer risk. Here are some tips on how to modify your eating habits. Read More


What You Should Know About Probiotics If You’re Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Many people are skeptical about probiotics and wonder whether they actually live up to the hype surrounding them. Read More


Infographic: Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated not only means drinking enough water. There are also many fruits and vegetables which can help you stay hydrated. Read More


Five Questions With: Dr. Amber Orman on Nutrition and Clean Eating

We sat down with radiation oncologist Dr. Amber Orman to get her take on nutrition, diet and if she has any food weaknesses. Read More


Ask the Experts: Your Questions About Nutrition and Cancer Answered

Dr. Nagi Kumar, director of Cancer Chemoprevention at Moffitt, debunks common food myths and answers your cancer-related nutrition questions in Ask The Experts: Eat This, Not That. Read More


Infographic: 7 Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Your risk for cancer can be directly influenced by certain lifestyle choices. Learn about some simple steps that you can take to lead a healthier life. Read More


Five Ways to be Healthier in the New Year

Studies show that the majority of people who vow to shed pounds in an upcoming year do not follow through on their resolutions. Read More


How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Like many people, you’ll probably find that New Year’s resolutions are easier made than kept. Read More


7 Tips To Stay on a Healthy Track During the Holidays

Dr. Amber Orman shares her tips on how to eat healthier and avoid high-calorie pitfalls during the holidays. Read More


Does Fish Oil Help With Depression?

In addition to helping to ward off heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease, the omega-3 fatty acids that are plentiful in many fish oils are believed to have the potential to ease the symptoms of depression. Read More


Baked Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon is considered a “super seafood.” It's rich in omega-3 and low in fat. Try this easy recipe for a quick, nutritious meal. Read More


Boost Your Health With These Fish Facts

Fish is an excellent source of protein that contains less that 15-20 percent fat. Get tips on the most nutritious types of fish and seafood to incorporate into your diet. Read More


Top 10 Rock Star Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables are a rich source of nutrients, critical for optimum health and disease prevention. Read More


What Is Known About the Link Between Obesity and Cancer?

Steadily on the rise in America, obesity recently overtook tobacco use as the number one preventable cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Read More


Benefits of a Protein Rich Diet

Proteins are critical to maintain the structure and functions of our body. They are important part of every cell’s structure and function. Read More


The Power of Phytochemicals

We are surrounded by hundreds of fruits and vegetables and whole grains that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential substances naturally found in plant foods called “phytochemicals.” Read More


6 Powerful Strategies for Cancer Prevention

Did you know that environmental exposures, lifestyle choices and other factors that can be changed or avoided account for between 70 percent to 90 percent of gene mutations that cause cancer? Read More


Stay on Track with Health Gadgets, Apps

Stay on track with some tech gadgets and apps that can help improve or maintain your health. Read More


Keep Your Portion Sizes in Check

With restaurant portions bigger than ever, it's easy to lose sight of what a true portion size looks like. Here's a guide for the next time you start filling up your plate. Read More


Tips for Dining Out, Staying Healthy

Tips for Dining Out, Staying Healthy Read More


Fun Food Facts

We know vegetables and fruits are good for us but which ones are the best to eat to stay healthy? Read More


ForkWise: When Is A Fruit Drink Not Really A Juice?

Consumers can be easily confused, especially when the label uses the words "punch," "cocktail" or "drink." Exactly what these terms mean may not seem clear. Read More


Cancer Fighting Foods

Eating cancer fighting foods and staying lean is not only important for prevention of cancer but also for cancer survivors. Read More