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Blood Lymphoma Cancer Cell

Do You Know Your Lymphomas?

Hodgkin vs. Non-Hodgkin: It’s all about the white blood cells. Read More

Living With Non Hodgkin

You’ve been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Now What?

A panel of experts will address patient concerns Aug. 8 Read More

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Cancer and a Broken Heart

New study suggests having a broken heart can make cancer treatment more complicated. Read More

Lung Cancer Awareness

World Lung Cancer Day: Screening Saves Lives

Low-dose CT scans can help those at high risk. Read More

Coffee And Cancer

New Study Shows Drinking Coffee Does Not Affect Your Cancer Risks

Moffitt expert says study should put to rest fears of coffee increasing risk of most cancers. Read More

Radioactive Iodine

Treatment for Overactive Thyroid Can Increase Risk of Cancer Death  

About 60% of patients who are treated for an overactive thyroid in the U.S. receive radioactive iodine therapy. Read More


Teamwork and Technology Key in Cancer Fight

Patient Joseph Cuervo has faced liposarcoma three times in the last 20 years. Read More


Thriving After Treatment

Workshop empowers survivors to become their healthiest selves. Read More

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What to know about California’s Prop 65 labels. Read More

Prostate Hormone Therapy

Is Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Right for Me?

There are many different types of treatment for prostate cancer, including surgery, active surveillance, radiation and hormone therapy. Read More

Anxiety And Depression

Identifying Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults with Cancer

For cancer patients, anxiety and depression are associated with poor quality of life, lower survival rates and challenges with adhering to treatment. Read More


5 Things to Know about Brain Cancer Treatments

Exploring new approaches with immunotherapy, surgery. Read More

Sugary Drinks

Soda, Fruit Juice Study Tough to Swallow?

Both linked to higher risk of cancer. Read More

Summer Vacations

Summer Travel with Cancer

Do you need to take extra precautions this summer travel season? Read More

Val Kilmer

Is Throat Cancer on the Rise?

More than 70% of throat, tonsil and tongue cancers are HPV related. Read More


The Hang Up on Robocalls

Moffitt’s chief information security officer offers tips on how to protect yourself. Read More

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

ZUMA-3 CAR T Study Results Are In

Promise Shown in Treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Read More

Red Meat Cancer Risk

Grilling Red Meat? Read This First

Eating burgers, hot dogs is linked to early death, study shows. Read More

Antioxidants Lung Cancer

Do Antioxidants Cause Lung Cancer to Spread?

Antioxidants come from two places: they’re in certain foods and the body also naturally produces them. Read More

SPF Makeup

Is SPF Makeup Enough?

Two-in-one products may not be best bet for sun protection. Read More

HPV Congress Briefing

Our Shot to Eliminate Cancer

Moffitt partners with top cancer organizations to urge lawmakers to make HPV vaccination a priority. Read More

CAR T Solid Tumors ASCO (1)

The Power of CAR T in Solid Tumor Treatment

CAR T therapy involves a patient’s own T cells that have been genetically engineered to target a patient’s own specific cancer. Read More

Britta Beningfield Immunotherapy

Moffitt Research Moves New Immunotherapy Closer to FDA Approval

Some cancer patients may be one step closer to being treated with cells from their own tumors. Read More

Wanda Lane And Wife

Moffitt Named Leader in Healthcare Equality

Moffitt team member and patient Wanda Lane knows exactly why the cancer center is a 2019 LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader. Read More

Male Patient With His Doctor

Top Five Questions Men Should Ask Their Doctor

Hint: Think lifestyle, family history, screening tests and more. Read More

Yellow Umbrella With Bright Sun And Blue Sky Picture Id936342386

Summer Reminders for Cancer Survivors

Safe ways for cancer survivors to beat the heat. Read More

Older CAR T Patients

CAR T Therapy Safe for Older Patients

Moffitt’s closer look at clinical trial data could expand therapy’s use and effectiveness. Read More

ACS Cancer Survival Estimate

Cancer Survivors Predicted to Top 22 Million by 2030

More and more Americans are surviving cancer, and the number is expected to grow even larger in the next decade. Read More

Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day gets a Boost Thanks to Facebook

The social media giant created a new blood donations feature which incorporates its partnerships with several blood centers. Read More

Sleeping With Tv On

Does Sleeping with the TV On Lead to Weight Gain?

Dozing off in front of the TV or sleeping with other lights on can affect your body’s metabolism and even lead to weight gain, according to a new study. Read More

Gabriele Grunewald

Marathon Runner Dies from Rare Salivary Gland Cancer

Grunewald underwent surgery and radiation to treat her cancer, but even during therapy she continued to train. Read More

ACA Disparities Study

Does ACA Help Level the Field for Cancer Patients?

Moffitt says eliminating disparities will take more than scientific research Read More

Farrah Fawcett 1977

A Closer Look at the Cancer that Claimed Farrah Fawcett

Anal cancer is fairly rare. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates 8,300 men and women will be diagnosed with the disease. Read More


Surgery Can Prevent Pancreatic Cancer in Some Patients

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest five-year survival rate of any cancer. Read More

Melanoma Infiltrating The Brain

‘A Clinical Trial Saved My Life’

After melanoma metastasized to his brain, Larry Thomason was given 10 months to live. Read More

Natural Gas Plant Manager

Natural Gas Plant Manager Overcomes Cancer to Achieve Lifelong Dream

“It was very tough,” said Drango. “It was like in the movies when the room starts closing in. Once I heard the word cancer I didn’t hear much else.” Read More

Melanoma In Children

Melanoma in Children

The deadliest form of skin cancer is also the most common skin cancer diagnosed in children. Read More

Cancer To Canvas

Bringing Cancer to the Canvas

When artist Ray Paul was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2011, he wanted to better understand his disease. Read More

Low Fat Diet Breast Cancer

Diet Diminishes Risk of Death from Breast Cancer

A low-fat, plant-based diet has been linked to a reduced risk of death from breast cancer. Read More

Effie Lee Husband

Clinical Trial Brings Hope to Lung Cancer Patient

Last year, Lee was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer that had spread to her brain and spine. Read More

BBBS Graduation

Congrats Grads!

The program provides one-on-one mentoring in the workplace for high school juniors and seniors. Read More

Supplier Diversity

Minority-Owned Businesses Front and Center at Supplier Diversity Fair

The Supplier Diversity Fair invites small businesses from throughout the community to learn how to do business with the cancer center. Read More

Melissa Vasquez

20-Year Navy Veteran Beats Cancer Three Times

After four deployments, Melissa Vazquez takes on cancer. Read More


UK Football Player Battled Rare Melanoma

Although it accounts for only about 5% of all melanomas, acral melanoma represents 33% of melanomas in dark-skinned people. Read More


Nursing Isn’t a Job. It’s a Passion.

Pam Lowry wanted to be a nurse for as long as she can remember. She read all of the Cherry Ames nursing novels growing up and loved going to work with her mom, an emergency room secretary, to observe the chaos. Read More

Jane And Michael

My Mom, My Colleague

Moffitt’s Chief Nursing Officer Jane Fusilero and her son, cardio-oncologist Dr. Michael Fradley discuss the challenges and joy of working under the same roof. Read More

Ocular Melanoma

Eyes on a Rare Form of Melanoma

About 2,000 Americans are diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma each year. Read More

Heather Hay Nurse

Back to School

The wife and mother of five is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Read More

Lorry Lewis Cropped

This is Where I Belong

Lewis has been at Moffitt over a decade, and say's she'll retire here. Read More

Moffitt Portal App

The MyMoffitt Patient Portal is Now Available at your Fingertips

Moffitt’s patient portal is now available as an app for iPhone and Android devices. Read More

Melanoma Month Begins

Making Progress Against Melanoma?

As Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins, Moffitt continues studies of deadliest form Read More

Researcher Spotlight Katarzyna Rejniak 890X510

Researcher Spotlight: Katarzyna Rejniak Says Teaching is Most Rewarding When Students are Recognized

She leads a computational lab that models the mechanisms of interaction between tumors and their microenvironments Read More


Uterine Cancer Numbers Keep Growing

Moffitt expert says obesity, drop in hysterectomies may account for rise Read More


Researcher Spotlight: Vince Luca, PhD on Receptors, Ligands and the Fate of Cells

Behind the scenes, the Luca Lab studies the "molecular language" of cell-to-cell communication using cutting edge approaches in structural, cellular and synthetic biology. Read More


Multiple Skin Cancers Could Indicate Higher Risks for Other Cancers

A recent study that suggests multiple occurrences of common skin cancers may indicate an increased risk for other cancers. Read More


Recall of Heart, Blood Pressure Medication Grows

FDA has again expanded the list of medications under recall because of impurity that puts patients at risk of cancer. Read More


Infographic: Hurricane Prep for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients and caregivers visiting Florida for treatment or living in hurricane-prone areas should take special precaution when tropical weather threatens. Read More

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Chemo Mouth: It’s Real, Common and Manageable

Moffitt infusion nurses offer tips to help with oral mucositis. Read More


Cancer Survivors: Five Tips to Staying Healthy

June 3 is National Cancer Survivors Day. It’s a time to celebrate life and if you’re a survivor it’s a good time to reflect on your health. Read More


Baby Boomers: Are You #HepAware?

Hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver cancer. The disease is on the rise, and boomers are the most at risk. Read More


Beating Breast Cancer Before Age 40 May Mean Multiple Menopauses

Can you imagine going through menopause multiple times? It may be a reality for those who beat breast cancer before age 40. Read More


E-Cigarettes OK to Quit Smoking

Smokers hoping to crush out their last butt might consider weaning themselves off the habit with temporary help from e-cigarettes. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Yamoah on the 'Lifelong Commitment' of a Physician Scientist

Dr. Kosj Yamoah, a physician-scientist, tracks his roots of studying prostate cancer disparities through his native Ghana. Read More


Moffitt Team Member, Family Make New Year's Resolution to Help Homeless

It’s that time of year when many people are making New Year’s resolutions and Stephanie Carrico, who works in Moffitt’s Direct Referral Center, is among those who are vowing to make changes. Read More


Bucs’ Doug Martin Backs Moffitt in My Cause My Cleats Campaign

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin slows down long enough, you might notice a distinctive "M" on his custom cleats designed for a great cause. Read More


In Sickness and in Health: Patient Fulfills Wish by Getting Married at Moffitt Cancer Center

Jack Campbell’s last wish was to marry the woman who’s been by his side since their first blind date in 2001. Read More


Ask the Experts: Your Questions About the Breast Cancer Vaccine Answered

Dr. Brian Czerniecki, chair of the breast cancer program at Moffitt Cancer Center, connected with our Facebook friends in the Ask The Experts series to answer your questions about the breast cancer vaccine. Read More


Moffitt Missions to Storm-Battered Puerto Rico Continue

On Friday nights, you’ll find a handful of Moffitt physicians and advanced practice professionals boarding a plane bound for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Read More


Moffitt Honors Veterans Day

Moffitt Cancer Center held a flag-raising ceremony in recognition of Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 10. Read More


Moffitt and Tampa Bay Rays Lead Relief Mission to Puerto Rico

More than 30,000 pounds of medical and hurricane supplies, generators, food and water are on a chartered Boeing 737 headed for Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Read More


Tampa Bay Newcomers Club Offer Comfort For Breast Cancer Patients

Last week, breast cancer patients at Mckinley Outpatient Center were greeted by the Tampa Bay Newcomers club. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Abate-Daga Discusses the Progress of Immunotherapy

Dr. Daniel Abate-Daga's research is focused on the development of T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Read More


Sen. John McCain's Next Courageous Battle: Brain Cancer

Sen. John McCain has been diagnosed with primary glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer. The tumor was discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. Read More


Cards From Children Cheer Up Cancer Patients at Moffitt

My family and I began our personal fight with cancer in September 2012. What I thought was going to be simple turned into multiple surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Read More


Rescue Dog Once Struggling to Survive Helps Others in the Fight of Their Life

Pet therapy volunteer Spencer Bard says he can’t explain the joy he feels when he sees a patient at Moffitt light up at the sight of Lucy. Read More


Mascots Cheer Patients During Mascots at Moffitt Day

Everyone was on the same team for Mascots at Moffitt Day on July 27. Raymond, Captain Fear, Thunderbug and Rocky D. Bull showed support and brought joy to Moffitt’s patients. Read More


Moffitt Volunteer Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Service in WWII

Moffitt volunteer Boris Stern went off to fight in World War II with 179 other men in his company and is one of only 18 who returned home alive. Read More


Salute to Survivors Honoree Gets Surprise Guest - Brother Emmitt Smith

Marsha Smith-Hill, a breast cancer survivor, had a quite a memorable time at the Rays-Orioles game on Saturday. Read More


Derrick Brooks Talks Defense Against Cancer for Moffitt

Derrick Brooks agreed to be one of three spokespersons for the cancer center in a new series of public service videos to educate viewers about cancer prevention, screening and early detection. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Enderling Shares Why He Participated in Miles for Moffitt

Dr. Enderling is an assistant member in the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department. Find out what his team accomplished at Miles for Moffitt this year. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Cress Offers Insights on Molecular Oncology, SPARK Program

Dr. Doug Cress is an associate member of the Molecular Oncology Department. Learn more about his role in Molecular Oncology and the Spark Program. Read More


The Doctors: Veterinarian Dr. Edward Donates Stem Cells to Save His Brother

Although the brothers were only a 6-out-of-10 match, doctors were hopeful that a closely related donor would give Sylvan Edward a better outcome. Read More


Rare Cancer Linked to Breast Implants

When Stacey Boone, of Bradenton, was diagnosed with cancer 2015 she never suspected it was because of her breast implants. Read More


Dr. Schabath: Lung Cancer Screening is a 'Life-Saving Tool'

Dr. Matthew Schabath spoke with Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend on WFTS-TV about the importance of lung cancer screenings. Read More


Congratulations to Moffitt Team Member and Volunteer on Winning NBC’s Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge!

Moffitt team member and volunteer Amanda Tchir says she had the time of her life competing for $250,000 on NBC’s Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2. Read More


Moffitt Patient Brings Relief to Others with Port Pillows

After Rhonda heard fellow patients share stories about not wearing their seatbelts because the seatbelt put pressure on their port, she came up with a plan to help them. Read More


Dr. Locke: CAR-T Cell Therapy a 'Revolution in Cancer Care'

Dr. Locke, the principal investigator for a new experimental immunotherapy called CAR T-cell therapy, talks about the breakthroughs with this type of treatment. Read More


Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis Increasing In Millennials

While colorectal cancer is predominantly found in people over age 50, a recent study released by the American Cancer Society has found that there has been a surprising increase of cases among people in their 20s and 30s. Read More


Couple Says 'I Do' in the ICU at Moffitt Cancer Center

Ena's fiancé, Steven, didn’t know if they were going to see the wedding day they’d been planning for months. He decided then and there he wanted to marry her right away. Read More


Cure on Wheels Cyclists Embark for Tallahassee

More than a dozen Cure on Wheels cyclists embarked on a 325-mile bike ride from Tampa to Tallahassee to lend their support for the 12th annual Moffitt Day at the state capitol. Read More


Actress Shannen Doherty Dances Through Radiation Treatment

Actress Shannen Doherty of television’s "90210" and "Charmed" has been documenting her battle against breast cancer on Instagram. Read More


Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Pearl Harbor Survivor Reflects on 75th Anniversary

George Kondas is a hero, an inspiration and a reminder to never give up hope as America remembers the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read More


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Club visits Moffitt Cancer Center

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Club visited with patients, families and team members at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More


Storm Update: Moffitt Cancer Center Open

Moffitt Cancer Center will remain open as we continue to track Hurricane Matthew. All locations, including the Magnolia campus, McKinley Outpatient Center and Moffitt at International Plaza, will be open during normal hours. Read More