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Articles related to Multiple Myeloma

David Dauman Family 640

The Holiday of Lights and Heroes

With his multiple myeloma in check, David Dauman reflects on past Chanukahs with this family. Read More

Johnny Building Ministry 640X367

Spreading Hope and Building on Faith Through A Cancer Journey

Celebrating a Life of Ministry and a Multiple Myeloma Milestone with a Very Special Patient Read More

Gary Lambert Coffee Sourcing (3)

A Unique Take on Customized Cancer Care

Husband, father and coffee aficionado Gary has become one of the first 100 patients to be treated with CAR T therapy approved for myeloma Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center Earns Blue Distinction® Specialty Care Designation for Cellular Immunotherapy – CAR-T

Hospital recognized for quality, safety and improved health outcomes in delivering therapy Read More

EMMA Lab Staff 775

Refining Multiple Myeloma Treatments: the EMMA Created at Moffitt

A result of Mark Pentecost’s generous donation, the EMMA database tests a multiple myeloma patient’s sensitivity to dozens of drugs at one time to determine the best treatment. Read More


Malignant Hematology ASCO Highlights

Moffitt’s Malignant Hematology physicians and scientists were proud to share and present their research findings at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO 2022) Read More


New Study Finds "Off the Shelf CAR-T" Promising for Certain Lymphoma Patients

Moffitt is one of a few hospitals nationwide testing ALLO-501a, an allogeneic CAR T therapy product from Allogene Therapeutics, in combination with ALLO-64 Read More


Comprehensive Molecular Profiling of Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver

Moffitt Cancer Center is leading the research in rare sarcomas and has performed the most comprehensive molecular analysis to-date of undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver Read More


Reshaping the Frontline Treatment Landscape of ES-SCLC

Dr. Bruna Pellini, in an interview with OncLive®, also compares the findings of the CASPIAN and IMpower133 trials and research efforts currently ongoing in ES-SCLC Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center Thoracic 13

Improving Representation of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Lung Cancer Screening Programs

With recent screening guidelines changes, more people are eligible for a low-dose CT scan and have the ability to participate in lung screening programs or trials. Read More


CAR T Clinical Trials for Multiple Myeloma Bring Promising New Treatments

Moffitt researchers are leaders in advancing the field of CAR T therapy and multiple myeloma clinical trials provide patients with exciting new treatment opportunities. Read More

One in a Million

As Emerald Cromwell battles a rare adrenal cancer, she learns two close friends have the same disease. Read More

Moffitt Research of Selinexor for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Facilitates Recent FDA Approval

Studies to expand its use in other cancers are ongoing at Moffitt Cancer Center Read More

Screening High-Risk Individuals Can Reduce Multiple Myeloma Mortality

Computational modeling approach shows screening strategies can reduce risk of precursor disease developing to multiple myeloma Read More


What is CAR T Therapy?

Dr. Frederick Locke, vice chair of the Department of Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy, answers some frequently asked questions about CAR T cell therapy. Read More