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Dr Lau MFM Research

Miles for Moffitt Research Spotlight: Dr. Eric Lau

One hundred percent of Miles for Moffitt proceeds fuel research and empower scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center to find a cure. Read More

Pediatric Melanoma Patients 2019

Moffitt’s Melanoma Expertise Benefits Children, Too

Pediatric melanoma clinic gathers kids with uncommon diagnosis. Read More

DIY Sunscreen

Don’t Get Burned with DIY Sunscreen Trend

Experts say stick to store-bought for best protection. Read More

Melanoma Skin Cells

[VIDEO] Nivolumab Combination Therapy May Increase Efficacy in Metastatic Melanoma Treatment

Response rates to nivolumab by itself are approximately 40%. The hope, according to Khushalani, is that the combination will offer more efficacy with less toxicity. Read More

Mole Patrol Pier 60

Moffitt Sets Records at Annual Pier 60 Cancer Screening Event

The event, which just completed its 23rd year, offered free screenings for skin cancers as well as a variety of head and neck cancers. Read More

Britta Beningfield Immunotherapy

Moffitt Research Moves New Immunotherapy Closer to FDA Approval

Some cancer patients may be one step closer to being treated with cells from their own tumors. Read More


Sunscreen Effects Are More Than Skin Deep

Recent study on sunscreen absorption in blood has Moffitt expert offering alternatives Read More

Melanoma Infiltrating The Brain

‘A Clinical Trial Saved My Life’

After melanoma metastasized to his brain, Larry Thomason was given 10 months to live. Read More

Melanoma In Children

Melanoma in Children

The deadliest form of skin cancer is also the most common skin cancer diagnosed in children. Read More


UK Football Player Battled Rare Melanoma

Although it accounts for only about 5% of all melanomas, acral melanoma represents 33% of melanomas in dark-skinned people. Read More

Ocular Melanoma

Eyes on a Rare Form of Melanoma

About 2,000 Americans are diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma each year. Read More

Melanoma Month Begins

Making Progress Against Melanoma?

As Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins, Moffitt continues studies of deadliest form Read More

Miss Universe Dayanara

Beauty is Skin Deep

Former Miss Universe diagnosed with Melanoma Read More


Wedding Bells Ring at Moffitt

Kent Moss and Maggie Zielinski were married in Moffitt's blue valet lobby this week. Read More


Tanning Bed Use Can Raise Your Chance of a Second Melanoma Diagnosis

There is no such thing as a healthy tan and trying to maintain that illusion during the winter months by tanning indoors is a dangerous plan, according to researchers. Read More


Multiple Skin Cancers Could Indicate Higher Risks for Other Cancers

A recent study that suggests multiple occurrences of common skin cancers may indicate an increased risk for other cancers. Read More


Moffitt’s Pediatric Melanoma Clinic Day Gives Young Patients a Chance to Connect

Dr. Vernon Sondak heads up the pediatric melanoma clinic, which includes children’s activities, treats and balloon animals. Read More


Do You Know the Tell 'Tail' Signs of Canine Skin Cancer?

According to the American Kennel Club, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of tumor found in dogs. Read More


More Young Women Affected By Melanoma

Studies show the rate of melanoma among children, adolescents and young adults has reached epidemic proportion. Read More


Resiliency Through the Power of Song

Tim Kilraine credits his doctors and music for helping him beat stage 4 melanoma. Read More

Eye-Opening Facts about Ocular Melanoma

Outbreak of cases in Alabama and North Carolina draw attention to rare and potentially life-threatening eye cancer. Read More


Young Patients Connect During Moffitt's Pediatric Melanoma Clinic Day

Most 11-year-old children don’t know how to pronounce words like cutaneous, ocular or amelanotic, let alone know the difference between these types of melanomas, but it comes second nature for Allison Rupp. Read More


What Is an Atypical Mole?

Many people are aware that one of the most common warning signs of melanoma - a very aggressive form of skin cancer - is an atypical mole. Read More


Infographic: How to Check Your Skin For Skin Cancer

Skin cancer screenings are important to help detect cancer early, when it's most treatable. The first step is to get familiar with your body and know what is normal. Read More


Brandon's Story

Receiving a melanoma diagnosis came as quite a shock to Brandon after two dermatologists told him that the mole on his right temple was of no concern. Read More


Pediatric Skin Cancer Patients Participate in Annual Check-Up Day

Pediatric patients took part in Moffitt’s annual “check-up day” for children battling melanoma and skin-related cancers at McKinley Outpatient Center. Read More


Summer Sun Safety Month – Learn to Protect Yourself Year Round

School’s out, vacation season is in full swing and almost everyone wants to spend time outdoors. It’s important to take some precautions to help ensure that you don’t get too much of a good thing. Read More


It’s UV Safety Month – Learn to Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

Many people enjoy the warmth of the sun and the look of a suntan. Make no mistake about it, though: there is no such thing as a "healthy tan." Read More


Are Higher SPF Sunscreens More Effective?

Many experts point out sunscreens with very high SPF ratings can provide a false sense of security and encourage people to neglect other protective behaviors. Read More


National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

During National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, everyone is encouraged to take action to help prevent skin cancer by reducing the risk of UV damage. Read More


Melanoma Monday – What You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of melanoma, which is the most aggressive type of skin cancer. But, maybe you’re not quite sure how the condition develops or who is at risk. Read More


Are Tanning Beds Safer Than Tanning Outdoors?

Ultraviolet radiation is a known carcinogen that has been directly linked to melanoma and other skin cancers. Read More


Former President Carter to get radiation, new immune therapy for skin cancer

Former President Carter to get radiation, new immune therapy for skin cancer. Read More


Mary Jo's Story

After being told her melanoma had metastasized Mary Jo was devastated, but she wasn’t going to give up. A clinical trial at Moffitt was her only hope. Read More


Tips to Protect Your Skin Against Melanoma, Other Skin Cancers

Here are 10 easy sun-safety tips to better protect your skin from cancer: Read More


Spring Swing

Spring Swing®, Moffitt’s Sun Safety Tour, is a partnership between Moffitt Cancer Center and the Tampa Bay Rays, offering free skin cancer screenings at specified baseball spring training venues throughout the state. Read More


Jacqueline's Story

After being told by doctors it would be a miracle if she survived five years, Jackie decided to come to Moffitt for melanoma treatment. Today, she is telling everyone she can about the importance of skin cancer screening. Read More