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Cell Therapies TIL

Moffitt Expands TIL Therapy Research

Young sarcoma patients may benefit from tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy. Read More


5 Things to Know about Brain Cancer Treatments

Exploring new approaches with immunotherapy, surgery. Read More

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

ZUMA-3 CAR T Study Results Are In

Promise Shown in Treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Read More

Breast Imaging Scan 2

Good Directions

Moffitt research associate Amber Beyer, and team are working on an adaptive cell therapy for women with HER2+ breast cancer. Read More

CAR T Solid Tumors ASCO (1)

The Power of CAR T in Solid Tumor Treatment

CAR T therapy involves a patient’s own T cells that have been genetically engineered to target a patient’s own specific cancer. Read More

Britta Beningfield Immunotherapy

Moffitt Research Moves New Immunotherapy Closer to FDA Approval

Some cancer patients may be one step closer to being treated with cells from their own tumors. Read More

Older CAR T Patients

CAR T Therapy Safe for Older Patients

Moffitt’s closer look at clinical trial data could expand therapy’s use and effectiveness. Read More

GYN Cancer Immunotherapy

Treating Gynecologic Cancers With Immunotherapy

Physicians and researchers are combining efforts to explore ways to harness the body’s immune system to better fight gynecologic cancers. Read More

Breast Cells

Combining Immunotherapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

Responses have been seen in some patients with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), signaling a potential role for immunotherapy in this tumor type. Read More

Breast Cancer Immunotherapy

FDA Approves First Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer

Patients with an aggressive form of breast cancer now have another weapon in their arsenal to fight the disease. Read More

Mccain Glioblastoma Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Glioblastoma

The study marks the first time an immune-system treatment has shown any benefit to glioblastoma. Read More


New Study Shows CAR T-cell Therapy for Lymphoma Lives up to its Press

Seventeen cancer centers compare real world outcomes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients treated with Yescarta® to ZUMA-1 clinical trial data Read More


Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Brought Renewed Hope To Lung Cancer Patient

My husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year and know without a doubt that I would not be alive today if we had not sought treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More


Is Immunotherapy the Key to Fighting Ovarian Cancer?

Oncologists believe immunotherapy could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Read More


Moffitt Uses Innovative Immunotherapy to Stand Up To (Lung) Cancer

The unique clinical trial combining two immunotherapies is funding by the Stand Up To Cancer Catalyst® Program. Read More


Healing Power of Sharks May Hold Cancer Clues

Research on the unique immune system of the shark may aid in the fight against cancer Read More

CAR T Leukemia Cell.jpg

CAR T Drives New Ovarian Cancer Research

The new genetically-modified CAR T-cells seek out and destroy cancer cells expressing an FSH receptor protein found on a large number of ovarian cancer cells. Read More


CAR T Provides Remission, Purpose for Moffitt Leukemia Patient

For CAR T treatment, T cells are removed from a patient’s blood and sent to a lab where the cells are genetically modified to better enable them to identify and attack cancer cells. Read More


Immunotherapy Key to Unlocking Lung Cancer Survival

A recent study represents another step forward in immunotherapy, which has been making steady gains in recent years. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: Novel Combination Approach to Lung Cancer Wins Moffitt a Stand Up To Cancer Grant

The second one on the list of Moffitt research developments involves a grant to study how immunotherapy can change the way the cancer center is treating lung cancer. Read More


Moffitt’s Top Research Developments of 2017: CAR T Therapy Tested, Commercially Available at Moffitt

The first one on the list of Moffitt's top research developments for 2017 is the FDA approval of CAR T therapy for certain aggressive types of adult lymphoma. Read More


Moffitt Treats First U.S. Patient with Newly FDA-Approved CAR T Therapy

Moffitt has treated the first U.S. adult lymphoma patient with a therapy formerly available only through clinical trials. Read More


Infographic: How CAR T Therapy Works to Fight Cancer

CAR T therapy, a groundbreaking new treatment, utilizes the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Read More


What is CAR T Therapy?

Dr. Frederick Locke, vice chair of the Department of Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy, answers some frequently asked questions about CAR T cell therapy. Read More


CAR T Cancer Therapy a ‘Huge Breakthrough’ for Patients with Lymphoma

Moffitt patients with an aggressive type of lymphoma were among the first to benefit in clinical trials of a groundbreaking therapy. Read More


Research Spotlight: Dr. Abate-Daga Discusses the Progress of Immunotherapy

Dr. Daniel Abate-Daga's research is focused on the development of T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Read More


Dr. Locke: CAR-T Cell Therapy a 'Revolution in Cancer Care'

Dr. Locke, the principal investigator for a new experimental immunotherapy called CAR T-cell therapy, talks about the breakthroughs with this type of treatment. Read More