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Articles related to Gynecologic Cancers

Drshahzad Connections

Moffitt Doctor Brings his Passion to Pakistan

He hopes to set up a robust program in his home country. Read More

Ovarian Cancer Florescent

Can Fluorescent Dye Help Detect Ovarian Cancer?

This year, more than 22,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Read More

Oral Contraceptives Ovarian

Birth Control Pills Linked with Reduced Risk of Ovarian Cancer Death

Using oral contraceptives has been tied to a reduced risk for highly fatal aggressive ovarian cancer, according to study results presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. Read More

Cancer Cell DNA Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy May Boost Survival in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Combination chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment shows promise in recent study. Read More

Susan Joey Vadaparampil

A Shot Against Cancer

Without consistent messaging, Florida HPV vaccination rates trail the nation. Read More


What Do I Need to Know About HPV?

HPV is responsible for multiple types of cancers, such as cervical, anal, vaginal and head and neck cancers. Read More


You Have an Abnormal Pap Smear—Now What?

Five questions to ask your doctor. Read More


Uterine Cancer Numbers Keep Growing

Moffitt expert says obesity, drop in hysterectomies may account for rise Read More


Adults Can Now Get the HPV Vaccine

FDA approves HPV vaccination for men and women up to age 45. Read More


Is Immunotherapy the Key to Fighting Ovarian Cancer?

Oncologists believe immunotherapy could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Read More


5 Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Could Be Missing

Early stages of the disease often cause no symptoms and the cancer has usually spread by the time it is diagnosed. Read More


What You Need to Know About the New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

New cervical cancer screening recommendations give women over 30 a new option when it comes to testing. Read More


First-Ever Guidelines Published for Rare Cancers Associated with Pregnancy

Physicians around the world are improving treatment and outcomes for women diagnosed with rare gynecological cancers during pregnancy. Read More


Federal Funding Lowest for Gynecological Cancers

When it comes to money for cancer research, not all cancers are funded equally. Read More


Infographic: Prevention Tips for Gynecologic Cancer

We encourage women to take charge of their health by becoming more familiar with their bodies and learning to recognize possible signs of gynecologic cancer. Read More


30 Days of Teal – September Is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

As with all types of cancer, early detection is key to achieving the best possible outcome for a woman who is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Read More


September Is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Each year, more than 98,000 women in the United States alone – that’s approximately 1 in 25 – are diagnosed with some form of gynecologic cancer. Read More