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Milk Eggs Protein

Diet Guidelines for Boosting Protein During Cancer Treatment

It is very important to eat and/or drink enough protein during cancer treatment because your body’s protein needs are higher than normal during this time. Read More

Walking Program

Tips for Cancer Patients: How to Start Daily Walking Program

Beginning a daily walking program before cancer surgery is highly recommended and may improve your recovery after surgery. Read More

Peanut Butter And Apples

Diet Guidelines for Boosting Calories During Cancer Treatment

During cancer treatments, the body needs extra energy to heal. Calories provide our body energy. Read More

Breathe Relax

Self-Care During Your Hospital Stay

Dealing with cancer can be overwhelming. Here are several suggestions to help you manage the symptoms and side effects that you may experience during your hospital stay. Read More


Quitting Tobacco after a Cancer Diagnosis

Whether you are a long-term cancer survivor or newly diagnosed, quitting all tobacco products can improve your treatment outcome. Read More


Exercising for Success Before Surgery

Following an exercise program before surgery can make your recovery more successful and reduce the risk of complications Read More


What to Know About Alcohol Use and Surgery

Alcohol use, especially the amount of alcohol you drink daily, can affect your surgery and recovery. Learn more with these educational tips. Read More

Banana Smoothie

Pump Up Your Calories and Protein: Milkshake Recipes for Home

Calories and protein are needed for strength and to help with recovery from surgery. Milkshakes can be a tasty way to get a lot of protein and calories in a small volume. Read More


Stress Relief You Can Take Anywhere

The Integrative Medicine Department at Moffitt offers steps to take and videos of guided exercises that you can practice at any time. Read More