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Gastric Cancer

[VIDEO] Updates in Advanced Gastric Cancer

The field of gastric cancer is progressing at a rapid pace, and immuno-oncology is taking precedence with several novel combinations under investigation. Read More

Cell Therapies TIL

Moffitt Expands TIL Therapy Research

Young sarcoma patients may benefit from tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy. Read More

Melanoma Skin Cells

[VIDEO] Nivolumab Combination Therapy May Increase Efficacy in Metastatic Melanoma Treatment

Response rates to nivolumab by itself are approximately 40%. The hope, according to Khushalani, is that the combination will offer more efficacy with less toxicity. Read More

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

ZUMA-3 CAR T Study Results Are In

Promise Shown in Treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Read More


Moffitt Oncologists Add Oncolytic Virus to Neoadjuvant Chemo to Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers are working to determine if injecting the virus directly into the tumor during chemotherapy and before surgery can help to eliminate triple negative breast cancer tumors. Read More

Broken Cigarette With The Word Stop Stop Smoking Concept Closeup Picture Id1052047866

Moffitt Continues the Countdown to Quit Smoking

Study evaluates reduced or low-nicotine cigarettes as a new way to quit smoking Read More

Melanoma Infiltrating The Brain

‘A Clinical Trial Saved My Life’

After melanoma metastasized to his brain, Larry Thomason was given 10 months to live. Read More

Effie Lee Husband

Clinical Trial Brings Hope to Lung Cancer Patient

Last year, Lee was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer that had spread to her brain and spine. Read More

Herpes Simplex Cancer

Herpes Virus Can be Used to Treat Melanoma. Which Cancer is Next?

Since the approval of talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC, Imlygic®) in 2015, Moffitt has been using this modified form of the herpes virus as a standard treatment for melanoma patients. Read More

5 Pharm Idsweb

Investigational Drug Service

The Investigational Drug Services pharmacy manages the drugs needed for approximately 300 various early-phase clinical trials administered in Moffitt’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU). Read More

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Clinical Research Unit: A Source of Hope

Look in Moffitt’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU), and you’ll find it in the work of a united team doing whatever is necessary to transform hope into reality in the form of cures. Read More

Clinical Research Patient

Clinical Research and Patient Safety

As a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center, Moffitt is charged with conducting investigator-initiated trials, which are designed and managed by the cancer center’s clinical faculty. Read More


Fewer Transfusions for Patients with MDS?

New drug shows promise for those battling a lower-risk form of this bone marrow cancer. Read More


If You’re at Risk, New Study Affirms Lung Cancer Screening is the Right Choice

Early lung cancer usually has no symptoms, so it’s hard to detect early when there is the best chance for a cure. Read More


What’s New in Breast Cancer Research?

Learn what Moffitt is doing bring new therapies to patients Read More


A New Drug Could Soon Be Available to Treat a Common Form of Skin Cancer

Nearly half of the patients who participated in the trial saw their tumors shrink. Read More

CAR T Leukemia Cell.jpg

CAR T Drives New Ovarian Cancer Research

The new genetically-modified CAR T-cells seek out and destroy cancer cells expressing an FSH receptor protein found on a large number of ovarian cancer cells. Read More


Father’s Cancer Battle Inspires Son’s Research

Moffitt Physician Co-Led Pivotal Study of CAR-T Therapy Read More


The Truth About Clinical Studies: The Most Advanced Cancer Care at Moffitt Cancer Center

Learn more about some common misconceptions that prevent patients from joining clinical trials. Read More