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Articles related to Chemotherapy


How the IPOP Service Is Shaping the Standard of Care in Infusion Centers

The IPOP provides a new way for patients to receive the chemotherapy infusions they need in the comfort of an outpatient setting. Read More

Chemotherapy During Pregnancy

Can You Get Chemotherapy During Pregnancy?

Some women are diagnosed with – and treated for – cancer while pregnant. Read about the safety of chemotherapy when administered during pregnancy. Read More


Why Are My Nails Changing During Chemotherapy?

Somewhat less well-known are the potential effects that chemotherapy can have on the fingernails, toenails and nail beds. Read More


Moffitt Patient Brings Relief to Others with Port Pillows

After Rhonda heard fellow patients share stories about not wearing their seatbelts because the seatbelt put pressure on their port, she came up with a plan to help them. Read More


Moffitt's Volunteer of the Year is also a Patient

As a volunteer in Moffitt’s Infusion Center, Nancy Scheidt can truly relate to the patients she is serving, because on many days she’s a patient herself. Read More


Tara's Story: I’m so Happy to be Sick

Tears well up in Tara’s eyes as she remembers the medical team telling her it was probably just a cyst and nothing to worry about, but as she peered through a half-open doorway she saw her image on the screen with a large mass lit up. Read More


30 Years Later, She'll Always Be 'Little Miss Moffitt'

Thirty-year-old Morgan is a catering coordinator in Atlanta, but to the team at Moffitt Cancer Center, she’ll always be “Little Miss Moffitt.” Read More


92-Year-Old Celebrates Last Round of Radiation with Sweet Sound of Success

The musical melodies of sleigh bells, church bells and school bells don’t resonate like the sweet symphony of a bell ringing in Moffitt’s radiation department. Read More