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Herpes Virus

TVEC for the Treatment of Early Stage Triple Negative Breast Cancer

TVEC is designed to preferentially lyse tumor cells over normal tissue to release tumor associated antigens, produces GM-CSF to activate dendritic cells, and stimulates T cells to infiltrate the tumor (TILs). TILs in breast cancer are associated with better response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). This phase 2 trial hypothesized that intratumoral TVEC may enhance response to NAC. Read More

Spot Breast

Red Spot on Breast: Bug Bite or Cancer?

Usually, a red spot on a breast can be traced to something as simple as hives or a bug bite. But could it be cancer? Possibly. Find out what else to look for. Read More

Female Cancer Signs

Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn't Ignore

The key to effective treatment for breast or gynecologic cancer is early detection. Read about some symptoms women should never ignore. Read More

Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Eight Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Early detection of breast cancer can lead to the best possible outcome. Protect your health by learning about the eight most common warning signs. Read More

Benign Breast Lump

Can a Benign Breast Lump Become Cancerous?

Breast lumps are very common, and most are not cancerous. Were you recently diagnosed with a benign breast lump? Click here to find out what that means. Read More


Advances in Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Research for Brain-Metastatic Breast Cancer

A new grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) will help advance immunotherapy research for brain-metastatic breast cancer patients. Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center Goes Pink with Hillsborough County Students

The program teaches the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise and the dangers of smoking. Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center to Advance Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Research with $8.3 Million Grant from Department of Defense

New study will evaluate a three-part combination treatment strategy in patients with brain-metastatic breast cancer Read More

For the 10th year, Panera Goes Pink for Moffitt

Proceeds from Pink Ribbon Bagels sold Oct. 4 will benefit breast cancer outreach Read More

Moffitt Researchers Develop Model to Personalize Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients

The genomically-adjusted radiation dose (GARD) can predict risk of local tumor recurrence and optimize radiation dose Read More


Moffitt Oncologists Add Oncolytic Virus to Neoadjuvant Chemo to Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers are working to determine if injecting the virus directly into the tumor during chemotherapy and before surgery can help to eliminate triple negative breast cancer tumors. Read More

Breast Cells

Combining Immunotherapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

Responses have been seen in some patients with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), signaling a potential role for immunotherapy in this tumor type. Read More

Breast Cancer Myths Facts 640X367

Infographic: Facts and Myths About Breast Cancer

There are many widespread breast cancer myths despite the evidence to support them. It’s important to separate fact from fiction. Read More


Should I Be Worried About Wearing Deodorant?

Even though many people use the terms "antiperspirant" and "deodorant" interchangeably, antiperspirants are actually a subset of deodorants, and each works in a different way. Read More


Natalie's Story: 'It's Not in Me to Give Up Now'

Want a glimpse into the life of a young patient with stage 2 breast cancer? Check out Natalie’s poem. Read More


Infographic: Embracing Your New Normal After Breast Cancer

Your journey doesn’t end after completing breast cancer treatment. It takes time to create a new normal and it’s important to take things one day at a time. Read More

The Father of Geriatric Oncology Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Lodovico Balducci’s research focuses on cancer and aging Read More


Ask the Experts: Your Questions About the Breast Cancer Vaccine Answered

Dr. Brian Czerniecki, chair of the breast cancer program at Moffitt Cancer Center, connected with our Facebook friends in the Ask The Experts series to answer your questions about the breast cancer vaccine. Read More

Cancer Survivor Gives Back to Organization that ‘Saved Her Life’

Moffitt experts to discuss breast cancer prevention and treatment options at Sarasota luncheon Read More


Five Questions About Life After Breast Cancer With Dr. Hoover

Dr. Susan Hoover, a surgical oncologist in the Breast Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, answers five questions about life after breast cancer. Read More

Susan G. Komen Awards Moffitt researcher $450,000 Grant to Study New Treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Will study how cancer associated fibroblasts decrease the effectiveness of therapies Read More


What Should I Know About Breast Reconstruction?

It is important to keep in mind that every woman is different. Therefore, breast reconstruction may be not right for everyone. Read More

Panera Goes Pink

Panera bakery-cafes in the Tampa Bay area will donate 100% of the proceeds from each Pink Ribbon Bagel sold to Moffitt Cancer Center Read More


Tampa Bay Newcomers Club Offer Comfort For Breast Cancer Patients

Last week, breast cancer patients at Mckinley Outpatient Center were greeted by the Tampa Bay Newcomers club. Read More

Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Goes PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Carrollwood Day School’s fifth-grade class spends a day filled with education, interaction and giving back Read More

Moffitt Names New Associate Center Director of Population Science

Shelley Tworoger, Ph.D., will focus on enhancing ovarian cancer prevention and improving understanding of breast and ovarian carcinogenesis Read More

Local Hooters Has Donated $50K to Moffitt Cancer Center in Support of Breast Cancer Research

Funds to educate providers, advocates and patients about immunotherapy in breast cancer to enhance clinical trial participation Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center & Cvergenx Partner to Personalize Radiation Therapy

The research project will study using a patient’s radiosensitivity and genetics to determine optimal radiation dosage Read More

Local Hooters To Donate $46k To Moffitt Cancer Center In Support Of Breast Cancer Research

The money will be used to educate providers, advocates and patients about immunotherapy in breast cancer to enhance clinical trial participation Read More


Five Facts About Breast Dimpling and Cancer

Lumps in the breast are often the most common sign that women check for when performing self-breast exams but a lesser-known symptom of breast cancer is dimpling of the breast. Read More


August Is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month – Learn How Breastfeeding Can Influence Cancer Risk

The main goal of Breastfeeding Awareness Month is to encourage conversation and build support for the policy and practice changes necessary to create a landscape of breastfeeding support. Read More


Meet the Experts: Q&A About Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. Learn more about risk factors, symptoms and treatments. Read More

Radiation Therapy Prior to Surgery Reduces the Risk of Secondary Tumors in Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant radiation therapy have improved cancer-free survival over adjuvant radiation. Read More

Get Pampered while Learning about Breast Cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center-HSN Cares Pink Parties

Learn about ways to stay healthy and the importance of breast cancer screening and prevention. Read More


Rare Cancer Linked to Breast Implants

When Stacey Boone, of Bradenton, was diagnosed with cancer 2015 she never suspected it was because of her breast implants. Read More


Patty's Story: How She Became 'Great Friends' With Her Radiation Mask

After completing radiation therapy, Patty had her radiation face mask painted and discovered that it changed her outlook about the treatment. Read More


Does a Breast Lump Always Mean Cancer?

While a breast lump is the most common warning sign of breast cancer, it is also important to understand that not all breast lumps are cancerous. Read More


Tara's Story: I’m so Happy to be Sick

Tears well up in Tara’s eyes as she remembers the medical team telling her it was probably just a cyst and nothing to worry about, but as she peered through a half-open doorway she saw her image on the screen with a large mass lit up. Read More


Actress Shannen Doherty Dances Through Radiation Treatment

Actress Shannen Doherty of television’s "90210" and "Charmed" has been documenting her battle against breast cancer on Instagram. Read More

Breast Density

What Does It Mean to Have Dense Breasts?

If, after having a mammogram, you were told by your physician that you have dense breasts, you might wonder exactly what that means. Read More

Best Mammography Tampa

Common Myths About Mammograms

Here are some common myths about mammograms that you should be aware of, along with the pertinent clarifying information. Read More


October 13 Is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Metastatic Breast Cancer Day is observed not to increase general breast cancer awareness, but rather to acknowledge the specific needs of the people who are living with stage 4 breast cancer. Read More


National Mammography Day – A Reminder That Early Detection Saves Lives

The goal of this observance is to remind everyone that early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, and that mammography screening is the single most effective method of early detection Read More


October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Is It Time to Schedule Your Mammogram?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues to be observed nationally with a commitment to educating and empowering all individuals to take charge of their own breast health. Read More


Five Types of Cancer That Predominantly Affect Women

One out of every three women will be diagnosed with cancer during her lifetime. Certain types of cancer are especially common among females. Read More


Pamela's Story

My dogs helped get me through the toughest fight of my life. In early 2014, when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, I was 38. Read More


Karen's Story

After losing her mother and aunt to breast cancer, Karen understood the importance of frequent screenings. Read More


What Women Should Know About New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

To maximize the number of lives saved, Moffitt Cancer Center recommends annual screening mammography beginning at age 40 for women at average risk. Read More


Dr. Susan Hoover's Story

Dr Hoover feels fortunate to practice at Moffitt Cancer Center where the delivery of personalized, compassionate cancer care is of prime importance. Read More


Anna's Story

Throughout her chemotherapy treatment Anna kept her eye on the prize. Read More

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist: You may be at increased risk because of family history, your personal medical history, lifestyle and environmental factors. If you are at increased risk for cancer, you may need a diagnostic testing plan established by a doctor. Read More


Amy's Story

Finding the balance between caregiver and her own self-care helped Amy become the best support her partner Debbie could ever ask for. Read More


Hazel's Story

As a young mother with cancer, Hazel had a lot of questions and concerns. Through the utilization of Moffitt’s resources Hazel and her family were able to find the support and answers they were looking for. Read More


Rachell's Story

Rachell was a 24-year-old newlywed hoping to start a family when was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Read More


Tiffany's Story

Tiffany was a working mother of two when she was told she had stage 2 breast cancer. Because of her close bond with her daughters and husband, Don, she knew she wouldn't be fighting this battle alone. Read More