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Articles related to Brain Cancer

Moffitt Cancer Center to Advance Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Research with $8.3 Million Grant from Department of Defense

New study will evaluate a three-part combination treatment strategy in patients with brain-metastatic breast cancer Read More

Dr. Michael Vogelbaum joins Moffitt as Chief of Neurosurgery and Program Leader of the Department of Neuro-Oncology

Michael Vogelbaum, M.D., Ph.D. will step into the roles and work alongside Peter Forsyth, M.D., Department of Neuro-Oncology Chair Read More


Five Questions With: Jay Pittman, Founder of the Golfers vs. Brain Cancer Golf Tournament

Jay Pittman and his friends started a golf tournament to not only honor his wife​ Melissa’s memory but also raise money for brain cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center. Read More


Vertigo – Should You Be Concerned?

Vertigo is an unsettling feeling that the world is spinning around you while you’re standing still. Sometimes accompanied by nausea, this sensation can occur as you turn your head or change body positions. Read More


Infographic: 8 Warning Signs of a Brain Tumor

Although many symptoms – such as headaches and fatigue - may be attributed to less serious conditions, it’s still important to discuss them with a doctor to rule out a potential brain tumor. Read More


When Are Headaches Dangerous?

Even though headaches can cause mild to severe discomfort and sometimes interfere with daily activities, most occurrences are not a cause for alarm. Read More