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Creating Memories For Our Loved Ones

Creating Memories for our Loved Ones

We all want to be sure our loved ones have something to remember us by when we are no longer here. In the world of psycho-oncology, we call this leaving a legacy. Read More

Greg Robertson Grandson

Bedside Art Visit During COVID-19 Yields a Special Birthday Gift

Moffitt's Artist in Residence Cat Thomas shares a special encounter with a patient and a surprise birthday gift they made together. Read More


The Healing Power of Music

Music is inherently powerful in that, depending on a listener’s state of mind, it has the ability to calm, console, energize or invigorate. Read More


The Art of Volunteering

Moffitt found the perfect spot for Ruthie in the Arts in Medicine program, where she’s been dedicating her time as a volunteer since 2010. It has since become somewhat of a second home for her. Read More


Volunteer Proceeds From Music to Medicine

For Miles Cameron, volunteering isn’t just a way to pass the time. And Moffitt Cancer Center isn’t just another place. Read More