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TCC A Patient Perspective: Your Courage Inspires Ours

Mark PizzoAn important part of Moffitt’s culture is to celebrate the courage of our patients. It is this courage that drives everything we do. Below are some thoughts from Judge Mark Pizzo, a TCC participant and a member of Moffitt’s Patient and Family Advisory Council:

“I joined the fight against cancer by enrolling in TCC for a host of reasons: for my loved ones whose lives cancer impacted; to stay true to Moffitt’s mission statement—to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer; and to hopefully improve the lives of my children and grandchildren.”

We want to hear and share your thoughts on: “Why did you decide to participate in Total Cancer Care?” We would love to include them in our next issue!

Please provide your email address if you wish to be contacted about Total Cancer Care. To send your story or experience, contact