For Patients

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With lifetime prospective follow-up and a patient portal, patients are active participants in Total Cancer Care

How Total Cancer Care Works

Patient participation and interest is the single most critical component of the Total Cancer Care® study. It was developed to specifically address the need for tissue collection and longitudinal data collection over a patient’s lifetime. All patients are eligible to participate.

More than 150,000 patients to date have consented to be part of the protocol and the number is growing every day. With lifetime prospective follow-up, active communication methods from Moffitt and a patient portal, patients are active participants in Total Cancer Care.

The Total Cancer Care protocol involves asking thousands of patients to participate in the study. Each participant contributes valuable information that can be used for research. Involvement in the study includes the following:

  • Study and review medical records. We will review medical records to study many aspects of patient’s medical care and medical history.
  • Collect tissue and blood samples. We ask for permission to study the extra tissue that would otherwise be discarded. We may also collect additional blood and other samples during scheduled appointments.
  • Stay in touch. We may contact patients about participating in another study or to gather additional information.

Together this information provides researchers with knowledge for improving patient care.

Why participate

Enrolling in Total Cancer Care is an opportunity to contribute to some of today’s most important cancer research. The study is designed to:

  • Give physicians a better understanding of patient outcomes and treatment options
  • Help patients find clinical trials that reflect the details of their diagnosis
  • Evaluate the long-term effects of different cancers and treatment choices
  • Combine genetics, medical history and lifestyle to identify ways to prevent and diagnose cancer
  • Develop a molecular database that can serve as a resource for future research

To learn more about Total Cancer Care® or to sign up for the study, please consider the following options. If you are currently a patient, log into your My Moffitt Patient Portal and click on the Total Cancer Care (TCC) link. You may also wait to get more information from our research coordinators when you come into the clinic before deciding to sign up. You can email