January 2020 eLetter Survey Results

Thank you all for making our first newsletter a success! As many of you know, we included a short survey in the first newsletter and received 1,626 responses! This survey asked about different cancer types, topics, and issues patients would like to learn more about.

We also learned about what patients think Moffitt’s top research priorities should be. What are these priorities? First, patients want more research on cancer treatments and clinical trials, as well as cancer prevention. These are research areas of strength for Moffitt that we are continually trying to grow – in fact, Moffitt enrolled over 5,700 patients in clinical trials over the last five years alone. Patients also are asking for more research to address side effects and emotional challenges because of their cancer treatment. We have a dedicated team of researchers working on just these issues.

With this information, we have published an article in the peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE, and will disseminate these findings to the leadership at Moffitt to inform our research priorities. Thank you for making your voice heard!

TCC eNewsletter Results Graphic