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Our Journey with You

As a refresher, TCC is a study at Moffitt which brings together patients, doctors and researchers to support the Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. TCC can help change the way we think about cancer because it provides researchers with valuable information from thousands of patients, just like you!

Your valuable information can come from your donated blood and tissue samples, your medical information, or questionnaires. All Moffitt patients 18 years old and older, regardless of why they are coming to Moffitt, have the opportunity to participate in TCC and contribute to important research. Participation is completely voluntary. Research coordinators visit with patients during their clinic visits to explain the study and then patients decide if they want to participate or they may ask for more information from their doctors or the study team. In a new development, you can learn about TCC by going to Moffitt’s Patient Portal.

An exciting update about the TCC Study is that we have recently included several new components. One example includes collecting blood samples at specific times during the treatment process and incorporating data from “wearables” (for example, a Fitbit or Apple Watch) for some patients. TCC participants have the opportunity to learn more about this new version of the Study and the option to sign the newest consent form. We may reach out to you in the future to see if you would like to move to the newest version of the study. This is completely voluntary and you can always remain in the original version of TCC you are enrolled with.

By collecting valuable information during regularly scheduled visits, participants help us grow the study. Scientists are actively using blood, tissue and medical information to answer many important questions about cancer, such as why treatment may not always have the same outcome in different patients. We hope this research can create new ways to personalize treatment and find better ways to prevent and diagnose cancer. Each participant takes us one step closer to the next cancer breakthrough.