Welcome to the Total Cancer Care (TCC) eLetter

The TCC eLetter was created as a way to connect and exchange relevant information with our study participants. Our goals are to add value to our long-term partnership, share progress made to advance science and provide contact to the Moffitt study team. Within these goals, we hope to improve our participant’s experience, enhance participant involvement and express our appreciation for participation!

In our Letters, we share many examples of research made possible by all our participants, share stories from our participants and share general updates about the study overall. Our eLetters are sent directly to participants as well as displayed on our webpages.

As Total Cancer Care continues to grow, we look forward to sharing more important study updates with you so that participants, researchers and the community can learn about and celebrate our advancements and success together. The TCC team is looking ahead to an exciting future of communicating with you.

Winter 2021 Edition