Total Cancer Care at a Glance

As the Scientific Director of the Total Cancer Care® (TCC) study at Moffitt Cancer Center, I am thrilled to share new information about the TCC study. Since the study began in 2006, patients who participate in TCC have contributed to some of today’s most important cancer research.

John Harrell
“Contribute, prevention and cure—those three words became a positive part of my mindset regarding cancer. When approached and informed of TCC I immediately seized the opportunity to join Moffitt in this fight.” ~ John Harrell

By studying data from donated samples and medical histories, our investigators are answering research questions and gaining a better understanding about treatment options for patients. Moffitt’s own Section Chief of Pulmonary Medicine, Dr. Viswam Nair, is working on a project right now using samples donated by TCC study participants to study new ways of identifying lung cancer early. "I am happy to say that my vision of advancing in lung cancer and improving clinical care is thriving in large part due to the Total Cancer Care study, and I could not be doing this research without the TCC study participants."

As TCC continues to grow, I look forward to sharing more important study updates with you so that participants, researchers and the community can learn about and celebrate our advancements and successes together.

You can find out more information about the TCC study here or in the Moffitt Patient Portal.

 Erin SiegelErin M. Siegel, PhD, MPH
Scientific Director, Total Cancer Care


Shelley S. Tworoger, PhD
Principal Investigator, Total Cancer Care