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Tissue - Key Publications Over the Last Five Years

1. Dubovsky JA, Wang D, Powers JJ, Berchmans E, Smith MA, Wright KL, Sotomayor EM, Pinilla-Ibarz JA. Restoring the functional immunogenicity of chronic lymphocytic leukemia using epigenetic modifiers. Leuk Res 2011 Mar; 35: (3) 394-404 PMID: 20863567. PMCID: PMC4458853.IF: 2.351

2. Kreimer AR, Villa A, Nyitray AG, Abrahamsen M, Papenfuss M, Smith D, Hildesheim A, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Giuliano AR. The epidemiology of oral HPV infection among a multinational sample of healthy men. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2011 Jan; 20: (1) 172-182 PMID: 21148755. PMCID: PMC3027138. IF: 4.125

3. Nyitray AG, Carvalho da Silva RJ, Baggio ML, Lu B, Smith D, Abrahamsen M, Papenfuss M, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Giuliano AR. Age-specific prevalence of and risk factors for anal human papillomavirus (HPV) among men who have sex with women and men who have sex with men: the HPV in men (HIM) study. J Infect Dis 2011 Jan; 203: (1) 49-57 PMID: 21148496. PMCID: PMC3086435. IF: 5.997  

4. Tafreshi NK, Enkemann SA, Bui MM, Lloyd MC, Abrahams D, Huynh AS, Kim J, Grobmyer SR, Carter WB, Vagner J, Gillies RJ, Morse DL. A mammaglobin-A targeting agent for noninvasive detection of breast cancer metastasis in lymph nodes. Cancer Res 2011 Feb; 71: (3) 1050-1059PMID: 21169406. PMCID: PMC4130564. IF: 9.329  

5. Egan KM, Thompson RC, Nabors LB, Olson JJ, Brat DJ, Larocca RV, Brem S, Moots PL, Madden MH, Browning JE, Ann Chen Y. Cancer susceptibility variants and the risk of adult glioma in a US case-control study. J Neurooncol 2011 Sep; 104: (2) 535-542 PMID: 21203894. PMCID: PMC3138895. IF: 3.070

6. Dasgupta P, Rizwani W, Pillai S, Davis R, Banerjee S, Hug K, Lloyd M, Coppola D, Haura E, Chellappan SP. ARRB1-mediated regulation of E2F target genes in nicotine-induced growth of lung tumors. J Natl Cancer Inst 2011 Feb; 103: (4) 317-333 PMID: 21212384. PMCID: PMC3039728. IF: 12.583

7. Coppola D, Helm J, Ghayouri M, Malafa MP, Wang HG. Down-regulation of Bax-interacting factor 1 in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Pancreas 2011 Apr; 40: (3) 433-437 PMID: 21283040. PMCID: PMC3063470. IF: 2.959

8. Bepler G, Dilling TJ, Wagner H, Hazelton T, Williams C, Chen DT, Greenberg H, Walsh F, Simon G, Tanvetyanon T, Chiappori A, Haura E, Stevens C. Phase II trial of induction gemcitabine and carboplatin followed by conformal thoracic radiation to 74 Gy with weekly paclitaxel and carboplatin in unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer. J Thorac Oncol 2011 Mar; 6: (3) 553-558 PMID: 21289520. PMCID: PMC3839293. IF: 5.282

9. Paraiso KH, Xiang Y, Rebecca VW, Abel EV, Chen YA, Munko AC, Wood E, Fedorenko IV, Sondak VK, Anderson AR, Ribas A, Palma MD, Nathanson KL, Koomen JM, Messina JL, Smalley KS. PTEN loss confers BRAF inhibitor resistance to melanoma cells through the suppression of BIM expression. Cancer Res 2011 Apr; 71: (7) 2750-2760 PMID: 21317224. PMCID: PMC3070772. IF: 9.329

10. Hernandez J, Elahi A, Siegel E, Coppola D, Riggs B, Shibata D. HPV L1 capsid protein detection and progression of anal squamous neoplasia. Am J Clin Pathol 2011 Mar; 135: (3) 436-441 PMID: 21350099. PMCID: PMC4511275. IF: 2.514

11. Giuliano AR, Lee JH, Fulp W, Villa LL, Lazcano E, Papenfuss MR, Abrahamsen M, Salmeron J, Anic GM, Rollison DE, Smith D. Incidence and clearance of genital human papillomavirus infection in men (HIM): a cohort study. Lancet 2011 Mar; 377: (9769) 932-940 PMID: 21367446.PMCID: PMC3231998. IF: 45.217

12. Permuth-Wey J, Chen YA, Tsai YY, Chen Z, Qu X, Lancaster JM, Stockwell H, Dagne G, Iversen E, Risch H, Barnholtz-Sloan J, Cunningham JM, Vierkant RA, Fridley BL, Sutphen R, McLaughlin J, Narod SA, Goode EL, Schildkraut JM, Fenstermacher D, Phelan CM, Sellers TA. Inherited variants in mitochondrial biogenesis genes may influence epithelial ovarian cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2011 Jun; 20: (6) 1131-1145 PMID: 21447778. PMCID: PMC3111851. IF: 4.125

13. Nasir A, Helm J, Turner L, Chen DT, Strosberg J, Hafez N, Henderson-Jackson EB, Hodul P, Bui MM, Nasir NA, Hakam A, Malafa MP, Yeatman TJ, Coppola D, Kvols LK. RUNX1T1: a novel predictor of liver metastasis in primary pancreatic endocrine neoplasms. Pancreas 2011 May; 40: (4) 627-633 PMID: 21499216. PMCID: PMC4732279. IF: 2.959

14. Wang X, Raulji P, Mohapatra SS, Patel R, Hellermann G, Kong X, Vera PL, Meyer-Siegler KL, Coppola D, Mohapatra S. Natriuretic peptide receptor a as a novel target for prostate cancer. Mol Cancer 2011 Sep; 10: 56- PMID: 21586128. PMCID: PMC3121714. IF: 4.257

15. Permuth-Wey J, Chen Z, Tsai YY, Lin HY, Chen YA, Barnholtz-Sloan J, Birrer MJ, Chanock SJ, Cramer DW, Cunningham JM, Fenstermacher D, Fridley BL, Garcia-Closas M, Gayther SA, Gentry-Maharaj A, Gonzalez-Bosquet J, Iversen E, Jim H, McLaughlin J, Menon U, Narod SA, Phelan CM, Ramus SJ, Risch H, Song H, Sutphen R, Terry KL, Tyrer J, Vierkant RA, Wentzensen N, Lancaster JM, Cheng JQ, Berchuck A, Pharoah PD, Schildkraut JM, Goode EL, Sellers TA. MicroRNA processing and binding site polymorphisms are not replicated in the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2011 Aug; 20: (8) 1793-1797 PMID: 21636674. PMCID: PMC3153581. IF: 4.125

16. Bui MM, Han G, Acs G, Reed D, Gonzalez RJ, Pasha TL, Zhang PJ. Connexin 43 is a potential prognostic biomarker for ewing sarcoma/primitive neuroectodermal tumor. Sarcoma 2011 Jul; 2011: 971050- PMID: 21647307. PMCID: PMC3103998.

17. Cheng A, Guo J, Henderson-Jackson E, Kim D, Malafa M, Coppola D. IκB Kinase ε expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Am J Clin Pathol 2011 Jul; 136: (1) 60-66 PMID: 21685032. PMCID: PMC4644942. IF: 2.514

18. Coppola D, Nebozhyn M, Khalil F, Dai H, Yeatman T, Loboda A, Mulé JJ. Unique ectopic lymph node-like structures present in human primary colorectal carcinoma are identified by immune gene array profiling. Am J Pathol 2011 Jul; 179: (1) 37-45 PMID: 21703392. PMCID: PMC3123872. IF: 4.591  

19. Patel RS, Jakymiw A, Yao B, Pauley BA, Carcamo WC, Katz J, Cheng JQ, Chan EK. High resolution of microRNA signatures in human whole saliva. Arch Oral Biol 2011 Dec; 56: (12) 1506-1513 PMID: 21704302. PMCID: PMC3189266. IF: 1.735

20. Permuth-Wey J, Thompson RC, Burton Nabors L, Olson JJ, Browning JE, Madden MH, Ann Chen Y, Egan KM. A functional polymorphism in the pre-miR-146a gene is associated with risk and prognosis in adult glioma. J Neurooncol 2011 Dec; 105: (3) 639-646 PMID: 21744077.PMCID: PMC3217154. IF: 3.070

21. Weber JS, Vogelzang NJ, Ernstoff MS, Goodman OB, Cranmer LD, Marshall JL, Miles S, Rosario D, Diamond DC, Qiu Z, Obrocea M, Bot A. A phase 1 study of a vaccine targeting preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma and prostate-specific membrane antigen in patients with advanced solid tumors. J Immunother 2011 Sep; 34: (7) 556-567 PMID: 21760528. PMCID: PMC3709852. IF: 4.008

22. Lin HY, Park HY, Radlein S, Mahajan NP, Sellers TA, Zachariah B, Pow-Sang J, Coppola D, Ganapathy V, Park JY. Protein expressions and genetic variations of SLC5A8 in prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness. Urology 2011 Oct; 78: (4) 971.e1-971.e9 PMID: 21802122. PMCID: PMC3190039. IF: 2.188  

23. Xiang Y, Remily-Wood ER, Oliveira V, Yarde D, He L, Cheng JQ, Mathews L, Boucher K, Cubitt C, Perez L, Gauthier TJ, Eschrich SA, Shain KH, Dalton WS, Hazlehurst L, Koomen JM. Monitoring a nuclear factor-κB signature of drug resistance in multiple myeloma. Mol Cell Proteomics 2011 Nov; 10: (11) M110.005520- PMID: 21846842. PMCID: PMC3226396. IF: 6.564

24. Hernandez JM, Farma JM, Coppola D, Hakam A, Fulp WJ, Chen DT, Siegel EM, Yeatman TJ, Shibata D. Expression of the antiapoptotic protein survivin in colon cancer. Clin Colorectal Cancer 2011 Sep; 10: (3) 188-193 PMID: 21855041.

25. Delmas AL, Riggs BM, Pardo CE, Dyer LM, Darst RP, Izumchenko EG, Monroe M, Hakam A, Kladde MP, Siegel EM, Brown KD. WIF1 is a frequent target for epigenetic silencing in squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Carcinogenesis 2011 Nov; 32: (11) 1625-1633 PMID: 21873353.PMCID: PMC3204350. IF: 5.334

26. Guo JP, Coppola D, Cheng JQ. IKBKE protein activates Akt independent of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/PDK1/mTORC2 and the pleckstrin homology domain to sustain malignant transformation. J Biol Chem 2011 Oct; 286: (43) 37389-37398 PMID: 21908616. PMCID: PMC3199486.IF: 4.573

27. Nyitray AG, Carvalho da Silva RJ, Baggio ML, Smith D, Abrahamsen M, Papenfuss M, Lin HY, Quiterio M, Salmerón J, Lazcano-Ponce E, Villa LL, Giuliano AR. Six-month incidence, persistence, and factors associated with persistence of anal human papillomavirus in men: the HPV in men study. J Infect Dis 2011 Dec; 204: (11) 1711-1722 PMID: 21964400. PMCID: PMC3203231. IF: 5.997

28. Emmons MF, Gebhard AW, Nair RR, Baz R, McLaughlin ML, Cress AE, Hazlehurst LA. Acquisition of resistance toward HYD1 correlates with a reduction in cleaved α4 integrin expression and a compromised CAM-DR phenotype. Mol Cancer Ther 2011 Dec; 10: (12) 2257-2266 PMID: 21980133. PMCID: PMC3237739. IF: 5.683

29. Zhang X, Chen X, Lin J, Lwin T, Wright G, Moscinski LC, Dalton WS, Seto E, Wright K, Sotomayor E, Tao J. Myc represses miR-15a/miR-16-1 expression through recruitment of HDAC3 in mantle cell and other non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphomas. Oncogene 2012 Jun; 31: (24) 3002-3008PMID: 22002311. PMCID: PMC3982396. IF: 8.459

30. Schabath MB, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Salmerón J, Quiterio M, Giuliano AR. Smoking and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in the HPV in Men (HIM) study. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2012 Jan; 21: (1) 102-110 PMID: 22016473. PMCID: PMC3253903. IF: 4.125

31. Rollison DE, Giuliano AR, Messina JL, Fenske NA, Cherpelis BS, Sondak VK, Roetzheim RG, Iannacone MR, Michael KM, Gheit T, Waterboer T, Tommasino M, Pawlita M. Case-control study of Merkel cell polyomavirus infection and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2012 Jan; 21: (1) 74-81 PMID: 22016472. PMCID: PMC4543303. IF: 4.125

32. Tafreshi NK, Bui MM, Bishop K, Lloyd MC, Enkemann SA, Lopez AS, Abrahams D, Carter WB, Vagner J, Gobmyer SR, Gillies RJ, Morse DL. Noninvasive detection of breast cancer lymph node metastasis using carbonic anhydrases IX and XII targeted imaging probes. Clin Cancer Res2012 Jan; 18: (1) 207-219 PMID: 22016510. PMCID: PMC4130557. IF: 8.722

33. Simon GR, Schell MJ, Begum M, Kim J, Chiappori A, Haura E, Antonia S, Bepler G. Preliminary indication of survival benefit from ERCC1 and RRM1-tailored chemotherapy in patients with advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer: evidence from an individual patient analysis. Cancer 2012 May; 118: (9) 2525-2531 PMID: 22028294. PMCID: PMC3270127. IF: 4.889

34. Johnson JL, Pillai S, Pernazza D, Sebti SM, Lawrence NJ, Chellappan SP. Regulation of matrix metalloproteinase genes by E2F transcription factors: Rb-Raf-1 interaction as a novel target for metastatic disease. Cancer Res 2012 Jan; 72: (2) 516-526 PMID: 22086850. PMCID: PMC3261351. IF: 9.329

35. Connors SK, Chornokur G, Kumar NB. New insights into the mechanisms of green tea catechins in the chemoprevention of prostate cancer. Nutr Cancer 2012 Jul; 64: (1) 4-22 PMID: 22098273. PMCID: PMC3665011. IF: 2.322

36. Lu B, Viscidi RP, Wu Y, Lee JH, Nyitray AG, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, da Silva RJ, Baggio ML, Quiterio M, Salmeron J, Smith DC, Abrahamsen ME, Papenfuss MR, Stockwell HG, Giuliano AR. Prevalent serum antibody is not a marker of immune protection against acquisition of oncogenic HPV16 in men. Cancer Res 2012 Feb; 72: (3) 676-685 PMID: 22123925. PMCID: PMC3474343. IF: 9.329

37. Akogbe GO, Ajidahun A, Sirak B, Anic GM, Papenfuss MR, Fulp WJ, Lin HY, Abrahamsen M, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Quiterio M, Smith D, Schabath MB, Salmeron J, Giuliano AR. Race and prevalence of human papillomavirus infection among men residing in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Int J Cancer 2012 Aug; 131: (3) E282-E291 PMID: 22161806. PMCID: PMC3458422. IF: 5.085

38. Pagán B, Isidro AA, Cruz ML, Ren Y, Coppola D, Wu J, Appleyard CB. Erlotinib inhibits progression to dysplasia in a colitis-associated colon cancer model. World J Gastroenterol 2011 Nov; 17: (44) 4858-4866 PMID: 22171126. PMCID: PMC3235628. IF: 2.369

39. Nair RR, Tolentino JH, Argilagos RF, Zhang L, Pinilla-Ibarz J, Hazlehurst LA. Potentiation of Nilotinib-mediated cell death in the context of the bone marrow microenvironment requires a promiscuous JAK inhibitor in CML. Leuk Res 2012 Jun; 36: (6) 756-763 PMID: 22209738. PMCID: PMC3331955. IF: 2.351

40. Mahajan K, Coppola D, Chen YA, Zhu W, Lawrence HR, Lawrence NJ, Mahajan NP. Ack1 tyrosine kinase activation correlates with pancreatic cancer progression. Am J Pathol 2012 Apr; 180: (4) 1386-1393 PMID: 22322295. PMCID: PMC3349895. IF: 4.591

41. Guo J, Kim D, Gao J, Kurtyka C, Chen H, Yu C, Wu D, Mittal A, Beg AA, Chellappan SP, Haura EB, Cheng JQ. IKBKE is induced by STAT3 and tobacco carcinogen and determines chemosensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer. Oncogene 2013 Jan; 32: (2) 151-159 PMID: 22330135.PMCID: PMC4109158. IF: 8.459

42. Park S, Kim D, Dan HC, Chen H, Testa JR, Cheng JQ. Identification of Akt interaction protein PHF20/TZP that transcriptionally regulates p53. J Biol Chem 2012 Mar; 287: (14) 11151-11163 PMID: 22334668. PMCID: PMC3322870. IF: 4.573

43. Bansal N, Marchion DC, Bicaku E, Xiong Y, Chen N, Stickles XB, Sawah EA, Wenham RM, Apte SM, Gonzalez-Bosquet J, Judson PL, Hakam A, Lancaster JM. BCL2 antagonist of cell death kinases, phosphatases, and ovarian cancer sensitivity to cisplatin. J Gynecol Oncol 2012 Jan; 23: (1) 35-42 PMID: 22355465. PMCID: PMC3280065. IF: 2.494

44. Chen DT, Hernandez JM, Shibata D, McCarthy SM, Humphries LA, Clark W, Elahi A, Gruidl M, Coppola D, Yeatman T. Complementary strand microRNAs mediate acquisition of metastatic potential in colonic adenocarcinoma. J Gastrointest Surg 2012 May; 16: (5) 905-912 PMID: 22362069. IF: 2.798

45. Repp KK, Nielson CM, Fu R, Schafer S, Lazcano-Ponce E, Salmerón J, Quiterio M, Villa LL, Giuliano AR. Male human papillomavirus prevalence and association with condom use in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. J Infect Dis 2012 Apr; 205: (8) 1287-1293 PMID: 22396601.PMCID: PMC3308908. IF: 5.997

46. Finkelstein SE, Fishman M, Conley AP, Gabrilovich D, Antonia S, Chiappori A. Cellular immunotherapy for soft tissue sarcomas. Immunotherapy 2012 Mar; 4: (3) 283-290 PMID: 22401634. PMCID: PMC4501768. IF: 2.070

47. Strosberg JR, Yeatman T, Weber J, Coppola D, Schell MJ, Han G, Almhanna K, Kim R, Valone T, Jump H, Sullivan D. A phase II study of RO4929097 in metastatic colorectal cancer. Eur J Cancer 2012 May; 48: (7) 997-1003 PMID: 22445247. PMCID: PMC4522922. IF: 5.417

48. Helm J, Coppola D, Ganapathy V, Lloyd M, Centeno BA, Chen DT, Malafa MP, Park JY. SLC5A8 nuclear translocation and loss of expression are associated with poor outcome in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Pancreas 2012 Aug; 41: (6) 904-909 PMID: 22450368. PMCID: PMC4593304. IF: 2.959  

49. Bai Y, Li J, Fang B, Edwards A, Zhang G, Bui M, Eschrich S, Altiok S, Koomen J, Haura EB. Phosphoproteomics identifies driver tyrosine kinases in sarcoma cell lines and tumors. Cancer Res 2012 May; 72: (10) 2501-2511 PMID: 22461510. PMCID: PMC4641440. IF: 9.329

50. Cárdenas-Rodríguez J, Li Y, Galons JP, Cornnell H, Gillies RJ, Pagel MD, Baker AF. Imaging biomarkers to monitor response to the hypoxia-activated prodrug TH-302 in the MiaPaCa2 flank xenograft model. Magn Reson Imaging 2012 Sep; 30: (7) 1002-1009 PMID: 22554971. PMCID: PMC3402593. IF: 2.090

51. Koren J, Miyata Y, Kiray J, O'Leary JC, Nguyen L, Guo J, Blair LJ, Li X, Jinwal UK, Cheng JQ, Gestwicki JE, Dickey CA. Rhodacyanine derivative selectively targets cancer cells and overcomes tamoxifen resistance. PLoS One 2012 Sep; 7: (4) e35566- PMID: 22563386. PMCID: PMC3338522. IF: 3.234

52. Mahajan K, Coppola D, Rawal B, Chen YA, Lawrence HR, Engelman RW, Lawrence NJ, Mahajan NP. Ack1-mediated androgen receptor phosphorylation modulates radiation resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer. J Biol Chem 2012 Jun; 287: (26) 22112-22122 PMID: 22566699.PMCID: PMC3381169. IF: 4.573

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54. Wojtkowiak JW, Rothberg JM, Kumar V, Schramm KJ, Haller E, Proemsey JB, Lloyd MC, Sloane BF, Gillies RJ. Chronic autophagy is a cellular adaptation to tumor acidic pH microenvironments. Cancer Res 2012 Aug; 72: (16) 3938-3947 PMID: 22719070. PMCID: PMC3749826. IF: 9.329

55. Jung HM, Phillips BL, Patel RS, Cohen DM, Jakymiw A, Kong WW, Cheng JQ, Chan EK. Keratinization-associated miR-7 and miR-21 regulate tumor suppressor reversion-inducing cysteine-rich protein with kazal motifs (RECK) in oral cancer. J Biol Chem 2012 Aug; 287: (35) 29261-29272 PMID: 22761427. PMCID: PMC3436145. IF: 4.573

56. John JK, Paraiso KH, Rebecca VW, Cantini LP, Abel EV, Pagano N, Meggers E, Mathew R, Krepler C, Izumi V, Fang B, Koomen JM, Messina JL, Herlyn M, Smalley KS. GSK3β inhibition blocks melanoma cell/host interactions by downregulating N-cadherin expression and decreasing FAK phosphorylation. J Invest Dermatol 2012 Dec; 132: (12) 2818-2827 PMID: 22810307. PMCID: PMC3479306. IF: 7.216

57. Cui G, Park S, Badeaux AI, Kim D, Lee J, Thompson JR, Yan F, Kaneko S, Yuan Z, Botuyan MV, Bedford MT, Cheng JQ, Mer G. PHF20 is an effector protein of p53 double lysine methylation that stabilizes and activates p53. Nat Struct Mol Biol 2012 Sep; 19: (9) 916-924 PMID: 22864287. PMCID: PMC3454513. IF: 13.309

58. Xu CX, Xu M, Tan L, Yang H, Permuth-Wey J, Kruk PA, Wenham RM, Nicosia SV, Lancaster JM, Sellers TA, Cheng JQ. MicroRNA miR-214 regulates ovarian cancer cell stemness by targeting p53/Nanog. J Biol Chem 2012 Oct; 287: (42) 34970-34978 PMID: 22927443. PMCID: PMC3471722. IF: 4.573

59. Wang L, Xiang S, Williams KA, Dong H, Bai W, Nicosia SV, Khochbin S, Bepler G, Zhang X. Depletion of HDAC6 enhances cisplatin-induced DNA damage and apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer cells. PLoS One 2013 Feb; 7: (9) e44265- PMID: 22957056. PMCID: PMC3434198.IF: 3.234

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70. Shan L, Chen YA, Davis L, Han G, Zhu W, Molina AD, Arango H, Lapolla JP, Hoffman MS, Sellers T, Kirby T, Nicosia SV, Sutphen R. Measurement of phospholipids may improve diagnostic accuracy in ovarian cancer. PLoS One 2013 Apr; 7: (10) e46846- PMID: 23082132. PMCID: PMC3474784. IF: 3.234

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