Wenlong Bai, PhD

Wenlong Bai, PhD



    • Cancer Chemoprevention Research Interest Group
    • Cancer Biology and Evolution Program

Education & Training

    • Baylor College of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellow - Molecular Endocrinology
    • Texas Medical Center M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

My laboratory focuses on the role of steroid and Vitamin D receptors in the development and treatment of human cancers. On-going research projects include the investigation of the role of the estrogen receptor (ER) in mediating the tissue-specific agonistic and antagonistic activity of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) in breast and endometrial cancer cells, the study of the functional interaction between PTEN tumor suppressor and the androgen receptor in the growth and apoptosis of prostate cancer cells, and the study of the functions of Vitamin D and its receptors in ovarian cancer development and treatment. The overall objective of the research is, through the elucidation of the mechanism of action of steroid hormones and Vitamin D in human cancer cells, to develop new therapeutic strategies for cancer patients or improve the patients? response to existing hormonal or anti-hormone therapies. Specific examples of research related to drug discovery are the development of synthetic vitamin D analogues as a therapeutic agent against ovarian cancer (in collaboration with Leo Pharmaceuticals) and the application of kinase inhibitors to overcome the resistance of breast cancers to tamoxifen therapy.  


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