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Margaret Booth-Jones, PhD

Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Program: Supportive Care Medicine


My research has focused on cognitive changes associated with cancer and cancer treatment and the impact on quality of life and emotional well-being.


    • Supportive Care Medicine
    • Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

Education & Training


  • University of Florida, Fellow - Clinical and Health Psychology


  • University of Chicago Medical Center - Psychiatry

Medical School:

  • University of Florida - PhD

Dr. Booth-Jones' research focuses on cognitive changes in cancer patients and their subsequent impact on psychosocial function and emotional well-being. She also is interested in the impact of these cognitive changes on caregivers and the family system. The goal of this work is to use neuropsychological and psychological knowledge and methods to identify and treat cancer-related cognitive morbidity and maximize quality of life during and after cancer care. Over the past few years, Dr. Booth-Jones has conducted or participated in several studies investigating the cognitive changes observed during cancer treatment and the long-term consequences of cancer treatment on cognitive function and on returning to premorbid roles. Dr. Booth-Jones has focused much of her research on patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation and their functioning in the first year following transplant. Her objective is to determine the trajectory of recovery and identify psychosocial and medical variables that have an impact on recovery of premorbid abilities and return to pretransplant psychological state. Dr. Booth-Jones' other research interests include the practical aspects of neuropsychological testing in a cancer setting, the use of computerized testing batteries in the senior adult population, and the use of computerized driving evaluations to assist with determining driving ability of patients with brain tumors or cognitive changes associated with opiate use. Studies in these areas would have both clinical and research applications.


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