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Gage Redler, PhD

Program: Radiation Oncology


Dr. Redler’s research purpose is the advancement of technologies and techniques that make use of medical imaging modalities to more effectively guide radiation therapy. 


Education & Training


  • University of Chicago, PhD - Medical Physics

Board Certification:

  • Radiology


  • Rush University Medical Center - Radiation Oncology Medical Physics

Dr. Redler’s research interests are the and advancement of technologies and techniques that make use of medical imaging modalities to more effectively guide radiation therapy. This includes development of novel imaging modalities (EPR oxygen imaging and Compton scatter imaging), preclinical radiation methodologies for preliminary investigations (3D printed compensator-based small animal IMRT), as well as investigation of how novel technologies can be better used to improve treatment efficacy (e.g., Adaptive Radiation Therapy using the ViewRay’s MR-Linac).


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