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Kristina Schmidt, MSc, PhD



    • Cancer Biology and Evolution Program

Education & Training


  • Leipzig University, Germany, MSc - Biology
  • University of Edinburgh, UK, PhD - Molecular Biology

Continuing Education:

  • University of Edinburgh, UK, Institute of Cell & Molecular Biology - Graduate Research Assistant


  • University of California School of Medicine, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests are in cancer genetics, DNA repair and recombination, DNA damage and mutagenesis, the DNA damage checkpoint response, and genome instability. Our current investigations focus on the REcQ-like DNA helicases Sgs1 (yeast) and BLM (human) to understand their role at the interface between DNA replication, repair and recombination and in the suppression of genome instability.  We are using model organisms (yeast, C.elegans) to identify genetic pathways required for the maintenance of genome stability and how these pathways interact with each other.  Besides genetic and biochemical approaches, we also use NMR to understand structure-function relationships and mass spectometry of complex mixtures to identify proteomic changes in mutant cells.  Significant effort in the lab is also dedicated to developing yeast models for functional and mutational characterization of human cancer genes, with a current focus on Bloom's helicase.


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