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FreshBreak® Cessation Clinic

FreshBreak® offers free or low-cost smoking cessation programs to the Tampa Bay community. Smoking cessation counseling is typically offered to individuals or small groups that meet at the clinic in the afternoon or early evening.

FreshBreak® has two missions. The first is to provide high-quality assistance to smokers seeking to quit using cigarettes. The second mission is to develop and test new and improved methods for quitting smoking. These methods may involve new forms of counseling, new types of pharmacological aids (such as nicotine replacement products) or both.

The second mission allows FreshBreak® to offer the very low cost ($5 to $25) of smoking cessation programs. This is because the cost of the program may be funded by a government agency (such as the National Institutes of Health), a private foundation (such as the American Cancer Society) or industry (such as the manufacturer of a nicotine patch).

Client Contributions and Expectations
Our clients are asked to contribute to the research aspects of the Clinic by keeping track of their smoking, completing questionnaires and participating in interviews about their smoking. No research is conducted without our clients' full, informed consent.

Counselors at FreshBreak®
Smoking cessation counselors at FreshBreak® are typically doctoral-level psychologists or doctoral graduate students from the University of South Florida. Physicians and pharmacists also may be involved if they are required by the type of treatment offered.

FreshBreak® Programs
The exact nature of the smoking cessation program offered by the Clinic varies depending on the particular research program that is under study. Programs also vary with respect to the qualifications of the smoker (for example, amount smoked, age, use of medications) required for participation.

A free, no-obligation, informational meeting will describe the program in more detail and answer your questions.

Contacting the FreshBreak® Clinic
If you wish to learn more about any of the following:

  • Current cessation programs
  • Meeting times
  • Cost
  • Whether you qualify
  • Date and time of next informational meeting

Call the FreshBreak® Clinic at 813-745-1751.