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Chemical Biology Reveals Off-Target Drug Repurposing

off-target drug

Dr. Uwe Rix spearheaded a team focused on drug development, clinical translation of therapeutic targets, and how resurging themes (resistance, smaller treatment populations with targeted therapy) fuel the need for new approaches in drug discovery, (PMID: 32044472).

Integrating phenotypic screening, chemical biology and phosphoproteomics approaches, the Rix lab revealed that the ALK inhibitor, ceritinib has activity in ALK negative lung cancer cells and identified the signaling network inhibited by this multi-kinase inhibitor.

Further probing of this polypharmacology led to the; identification of downstream off-target mechanisms, design of synergistic drug combinations and identification of biomarker candidates (PMID: 28991240). These studies initiated a recently opened IIT currently led by Dr. Andreas Saltos NCT03611738.