Funding Opportunities for our Partners

Successful competition for peer-reviewed funding requires good ideas, evidence of feasibility, and preliminary support for the hypothesis. Thus, funding for pilot projects is critical to the research mission. Increasingly, discovery requires collaboration, including across Centers. Moffitt supports numerous funding opportunities to enhance team science. Some of these opportunities are available to its partners. Currently, Moffitt supports the following pilot project program open to our partners:

  • ACS-IRG: Open to Moffitt, University of South Florida and Ponce School of Medicine

American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society –
Institutional Research Grant (ACS-IRG)

Spring 2017, Cycle 41 Pilot Project Grant Program
Submission Deadline: 4 p.m., Friday, April 14, 2017

ACS-IRG Guidelines | ACS-IRG Application


  •  FACCA – Collaborations with UF Health Cancer Center and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center