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M-POWER was established in 1999 with the mission to create a partnership with the local community to develop and improve methods to reduce cancer disparities.

Today, M-POWER’s focus continues to be on increasing community awareness of benefits of early detection. Through community outreach, educational workshops and linking community members to free and/or low cost screening services, M-POWER works with community and Moffitt partners to minimize health disparities in the Tampa Bay area.

Health educators and community outreach workers provide workshops on the following topics:

  • breast cancer awareness *
  • cervical cancer awareness
  • prostate cancer awareness *
  • lung cancer awareness *
  • colorectal cancer awareness *
  • skin cancer awareness
  • healthy lifestyles/nutrition

*Vouchers are available for these screenings to those who meet the criteria

Programs are presented in English and Spanish, with consideration of the cultural, linguistic and health literacy needs of the community.

Additional M-POWER resources:
• M-POWER Flyer - English | Spanish
• M-POWER workshop or health fair request form

For additional information about M-POWER, please contact: