Community Outreach, Engagement, and Equity (COE&E)

The Office of Community Outreach, Engagement, and Equity (COE&E) works to uphold Moffitt’s commitment to maximize the impact of its research through engagement and equity in the cancer center’s catchment area and beyond. COE&E works to place health equity at the forefront of our research and ensure that our work is informed by ongoing and bidirectional exchange of information and ideas between our researchers and community stakeholders.

Moffitt’s current catchment area includes 15 counties spanning West Central Florida, in which the COE&E strives to:

  • Assess and prioritize catchment area needs across the cancer continuum
  • Address catchment area needs by fostering innovative research, outreach, and education across the cancer continuum
  • Accelerate the adoption of evidence-based practices and policies at the local, state and national level to address catchment area needs
  • Monitor impact of COE&E efforts in the catchment area and beyond

COE&E Members 

From left, Melanie Nelson; Kenisha Avery, MPH; Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH; Zulema Uscanga, MPH, CPH; Mercedes Robaina and Vicky Liao, MS.

Associate Center Director: Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH
Executive Assistant: Melanie Nelson
Division Administrator: Mercedes Robaina
Program Manager: Kenisha Avery, MPH
Outreach Specialist: Zulema Uscanga, MPH, CPH
Data Analyst: Vicky Liao, MS